Textured Wall decorated in Monkey 02 Paste the wall wallpaper


Breathe some life into your space with our contemporary and classic wallpaper designs. Curated by artists and made to last, with high-quality material that's easy to hang. Explore our range from stripes to floral to botanical to animal wallpaper and find your match.

Rainforest 01

Eclectic jungle greens

Textured Wall decorated in Rainforest 01 Paste the wall wallpaper
1x roll

Fern 01

Delicate ferns in greens

Lick Fern 01 wallpaper design
1x roll

Botanical 03

Dense (but not dark)

Lick Botanical 03 wallpaper design
1x roll

Damask 01

Find your zen zone

Lick Damask 01 wallpaper design
1x roll