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Blue 10kids-bedroom-nursery

Using Lick paint is a breeze! The coverage is unbelievable, even when painting over a dark wall. I find with this paint a little goes a long way. The colours are always a perfect match to their samples!


Blue 02bathroom

Loved it! Great paint to work with. Very happy


Blue 01bedroom

Absolutely loved working with this paint. A little went a long way, applies like a dream. Beautiful colours too!


Blue 01bedroom

Loved using the Blue 01 in our bedroom transformation. The light in our room made it look more green (which is exactly what we wanted). Nice product, easy to paint on. We still have leftovers from the single tin we used for two walls.


Blue 07living-room

Fantastic paint

Blue 10bedroom

Love everything from the stick on paint samples to the richest of the paint. Easy to apply with great coverage.

Blue 06living-room

I’ve used Lick in 3 rooms by now - great quality of paint compared to other brands I’d tried. Gives a better finish and requires less coats! I’ve recommended it to many friends already.


Blue 07living-room

So easy to use - this beautiful coverage in only one coat.


Blue 06kids-bedroom-nursery

First time using Lick paint and loved it incredible coverage and gorgeous colour.


Blue 06bedroom

Sample stickers are amazing! True to colour and so easy to apply and take off. Delivery super quick and we’ll packaged! Colour is stunning!


Blue 03kids-bedroom-nursery

We love using Lick paint! Really lovely paint which goes on super easily. Especially love the sticky samples!


Blue 06kids-bedroom-nursery

I would definitely recommend Lick paint. I have just completed designing all rooms for a clients house and used Lick throughout (so look out for more room reveals coming soon!) The coverage is really great even with the dark colours


Blue 10kitchen

Great quality paint, colour is ultra pigmented and stands out from all the other colours in the house


Blue 07living-room

We are so impressed with the finished result. The paint was so easy and smooth to apply, and the drying time was amazing, making the job quicker to get finished. Would highly recommend @lick and can’t wait to start our next little project!


Blue 10bathroom

as always the colour was exactly the same as the sample so really happy with that, got exactly what I expected , it's such a bright and vibrant blue, always makes me so happy looking at it and really brings the small loo to life


Blue 04kids-bedroom-nursery

The quality and colour of the paint is amazing. It’s really good value for money and customer service team are so friendly and helpful. We will definitely be purchasing again soon for the rest of the house once we have decided on colours!


Blue 06hallway

Lick was lovely and effortless to use. A little went a long way and i still have 3/4 of a tub left of the first tin even though i bought 2 tins! It is highly pigmented and the colour match to the samples are great!

Blue 06hallway

Amazing coverage and fantastic choice of colours for every room.


Blue 06kitchen

Product was so easy to use! Great coverage and beautiful colour!


Blue 06kitchen

Great customer service and great product to use with amazing coverage.


Blue 06hallway

Beautiful colour and good coverage


Blue 06living-room

Best. Paint. Ever. Easy to use, easy on the eyes – Lick makes decorating so simple and enjoyable. I’m so prone to decision paralysis, but having used the stickon paint samples, I knew Blue 06 was the one – and it even turned out better than I though


Blue 06kitchen

This is the 4th Lick paint colour I’ve used and I’m hooked! The paint quality is unreal, amazing coverage and virtually odourless too. Highly recommend!


Blue 06living-room

We love using Lick paint and would highly recommend it! Not only does the paint brand look great, the paint itself is brilliant; nice, thick and excellent coverage. Would use time and time again!


Blue 07bedroom

Whilst we didn’t paint ourselves, our decorators were really impressed with the paint. It was the first time they had used it and said they would be recommending it to future customers.


Blue 07living-room

I've painted myself and it was an absolute pleasure! The first layer nicely covered the previous much lighter colour. It dries quickly, so by the time I finished the whole room walls were ready for the second layer. The colour matches exactly


Blue 07bedroom

Would definitely recommend Lick to friends and family. Such a lovely range of colours in beautiful tones. The sample colour sticker was also a near perfect match to the colour we chose! Lovely to paint with too!


Blue 07bedroom

Would 100000% recommend lick paint. The coverage is insane and quite frankly the best on the market. The tin is cute and it’s environmental friendly which is a massive bonus to me as recycling is my livelihood! Superb colours and customer service


Blue 07home-office

Absolutely. The paint quality is unparalleled.


Blue 07living-room

Such amazing coverage


Blue 07bedroom

The paint is great! So lovely and thick making the coverage amazing and edging was really easy


Blue 01bedroom

Such a lovely paint to use. No spray comes off the roller at all which is amazing. Really impressed with how much coverage that one can can do aswell. Have used Lick for most of my house now.


Blue 02hallway

Brilliant coverage and colour choice. I have already recommended this to friends.


Blue 03living-room

I wish, i can live in UK or accessible countries someday, after then i can always use your product and recommend to my clients!


Blue 03living-room

We loved Lick from the sticker samples which were perfect to test the colour in different lights and incredibly accurate. The paint coverage is great and only needed a light second coat. We love it so much we have recommended to friends...


Blue 04bedroom

Lick paint is a dream to work with. It goes on so beautifully and only needed one coat with some touch ups. Would highly recommend lick paint to everyone and use again for another room.


Blue 04living-room

This is a beautiful product and the cover is incredible. It’s also a very durable paint and the price for what I would say is a highness product is every reasonably priced!


Blue 05bedroom

Gorgeous colours!


Blue 10bedroom



Animal 01bathroom

Paint pigmentation is beautiful, the colours are beautiful and rich and went on so well. Two coats was enough. Same with wallpaper thick and well made (although a bit pricey). Always recommend lick...


Blue 07living-room

Incredible, only need one coat. Exactly the colour we wanted. Obsessed with it!


Blue 07bedroom

5 Absolutely! The colour goes on amazingly to most surfaces and is true to the colour samples.


Blue 04kids-bedroom-nursery

Would definitely recommend to others and we’ve chosen Lick for other products after using it. It paints beautifully and we love the colour selection.


Blue 06living-room

We love Lick paint and will now only use this throughout our home as the coverage is so good. Your customer service is also phenomenal. We’ve even put in as shareholders as we believe your products are brilliant.


Blue 06living-room

The quality is far better than any other paint we’ve ever used, it doesn’t splatter everywhere when going on and so thick. Will never use any other brand of paint again.


Blue 06home-office

I love all of the lick colours and have now painted two rooms in my house using lick. I’ve already recommended lick colours to a lot of my friends since I love them so much.


Blue 06kids-bedroom-nursery

Love it. It’s so smooth to apply and I’ve since bought more tins for the next project!


Blue 06living-room

It was our first time using Lick paint & we were so impressed! The decorator hadn't heard of Lick before and he was really impressed with the consistency, application & colour. He also mentioned how little you needed to use which was great!


Blue 07living-room

Dream to use, excellent coverage.


Blue 07bedroom

It went onto the wall with ease and great coverage. You really can tell the quality of the paint, when really it took just one coat to cover the wall!


Blue 06bathroom

Love the colour of all Lick paints and the packaging is super cool too!


Blue 06bedroom

We love you guys!


Blue 06bathroom

Clients we’re unsure of colour at first but love it now it’s all finished.


Blue 05hallway

Very satisfying and great finish!


Blue 05kids-bedroom-nursery

I cannot recommend Lick paint enough! I have used it in every room now in my house that we’ve renovated. The coverage is insane and the customer service is awesome!


Blue 06bathroom

Beautiful blue, amazing coverage, would definitely recommend!


Blue 03bedroom

The paint went on like a dream. So smooth and thick, and a little covers a large area. I need to work out what else to paint with the rest! Highly recommend spending the little bit extra as the quality really speaks for itself.


Blue 03hallway

Lick paint is literally the best I have ever used! I bought a tin to try it out thinking I would have to buy another to cover the wall I was painting. I only used a third of the tin!!! A little goes a long way and I only needed one coat.


Blue 04living-room

I genuinely love Lick paint. The coverage is incredible, the finish is creamy and matte, and to top it all off it's a similar price to other brands I've used that you need 3 coats. I've planned my next two rooms to decorate around Lick colours I love


Blue 05bedroom

I have used a lot of different paint in my time and Lick is absolutely the best! The coverage is fantastic and I love that you can use it on walls and wood. The colour range is gorgeous and the peel and stick samples are ingenious and true to colour.


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