Lick reviews & transformations

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Green 01bedroom

We’re so pleased we chose Lick paint for our bedroom panelling. It was so easy to use and we’ve had so many compliments on the colour, Green 01, it’s a lovely restful colour for our bedroom.


Green 01bedroom

Beautiful quality paint. Goes on easily, covers well, really lovely to use.


Green 02kids-bedroom-nursery

Loved using Lick from the samples to cutting it - amazing product!


Green 06living-room

The paint was so lovely to work with and the final finish is exquisite


Green 02living-room

It was a great product to use. The only issue we had was the lid sealing due to some residue paint, but with a hot kettle it loosened up. We have loads left which is fab for other projects or touch ups!


Green 04living-room

Fab paint, easy going on and great colour


Green 06bedroom

Beautiful green shade! So easy to apply and great coverage.


Green 01kids-bedroom-nursery

First time using Lick and absolutely loved it! Only needed one coat of paint to achieve this result in our kids' new playroom. Gorgeous colour and very impressed with the eco-packaging of brushes and trays.


Green 03bedroom

Loved Lick paint the depth of colour is great and I love the Matt finish. I used it in my bedroom and Lick 04 in the sitting room (although that’s not completely finished yet)


Green 02bathroom

I’ve used Lick paint several times now and I’m always really impressed with the coverage. There’s a great range of colours and I find the peel and stick samples a really easy way to try the colours out in different places and under different light.


Green 04bedroom

We used a professional decorator for our project, the paint colour is beautifully rich in pigment. Had so many compliments on the colour.


Green 07kids-bedroom-nursery

Best paint I've ever used, went on like a dream, would highly recommend, and colours were 100% true to the samples


Green 07dining-room

Yes, great consistency and coverage.


Green 06living-room

Amazing deep dark colour that looks perfect in my newly refurbished home office!


Green 01bedroom

Loved it! The perfect shade of green and the paint went on the walls super easy


Green 02dining-room

The product was really nice to use and I would recommend to others! The packaging was really nice too!


Green 05living-room

Amazing quality paint and beautiful colour selection!


Green 01bedroom

Highly recommend


Green 05bedroom

Absolutely love lick paint. Been recommending it to all my friends! The paint goes a long way too.


Green 05bedroom

The most calming colour! Perfect for any room.


Green 05living-room

Best paint we've used by far. A little goes a long way!


Green 03bedroom

Lovely colour so bright and light


Green 02bedroom

The paint was so easy to use and such good quality


Green 02bedroom

Beautiful colours, amazing coverage and the final colour matches the sample stickers perfectly!


Green 06living-room

So easy! Great coverage - so very few coats needed.


Green 06bedroom

Absolutely beautiful, rich, deep, fairytale green. Painting with Lick is a dream and I have used it all over our period home.


Green 09living-room

The Lick samples were so helpful when it came to choosing the colour for this room. We’re delighted with the end result.


Green 06home-office

I adore Lick products. The finish is unmatchable - always more product than you think and so affordable!


Green 03hallway

I love the finish of Lick paint. It looks super expensive and the colours are dreamy!


Green 02living-room

Love this colour so much! Perfect & thick!


Green 02bathroom

Great quality, so easy to use. I used two coats and am in love with the colour. It’s really brightened up what was such a boring tiny room


Green 02living-room

Green 05 gave our dining area some much needed sophisticated charm!


Green 05kitchen

The colours, the way it goes on the walls, I just love it!


Green 06living-room

Incredible dark & rich finish.


Green 05bedroom

Amazing paint, beautiful colour and unbelievable coverage!


Green 02bathroom

We love lick. The paint it such good quality, meaning it goes on well, you don’t need excessive amounts and the colour has great depth


Green 01hallway

Great paint!


Green 02kitchen

I live licks colour range, not too many to get confused about and every colour is gorgeous! Amazing customer service too!


Green 06living-room

I’ve used Lick throughout most of our home. I really can’t fault it. I would recommend Lick to any decorator, experienced or a newbie as you really can’t go wrong. The most I have ever needed was two coats


Green 03dining-room

Wonderfully rich colour


Green 06bedroom

Loved using this paint, as always. It goes on beautifully and looks amazing in all lights!


Green 06living-room

Great product as always. Colour and finish is deep & rich.


Green 03living-room

We absolutely love lick! Their colours are superb, rich pigments, different shades in different lighting. We love it!


Green 05living-room

I absolutely loved using lick paint it was a dream to use.. dried quickly, beautiful finish, true colour and looks amazing.. I would highly recommend to others..


Green 06dining-room

Highly recommend using lick to paint ceilings. The thick paint means it goes one well and doesn’t splatter!


Fern 01dining-room

In love with our new wallpaper! Highly recommend Lick to others.


Green 09kids-bedroom-nursery

A light and neutral play space


Green 01living-room

Beautiful colours and solid coverage. I used it on multiple surfaces - walls, door frames, and even unprimed dado rails. Was a bliss


Green 02bathroom

We absolutely loved the samples and the richness of the colour. You might think to paint a sloped ceiling in a bold colour but the green here really adds some additional wow factor to the bathroom and adds to the cool vibes.


Damask 01living-room

The paper is thick and great to work with.


Green 02living-room

The paint is easy to use and has great coverage


Green 01hallway

We loved using your paint for our panelling during our hallway transformation would recommend.


Green 02bedroom

Definitely recommend this paint, smooth coverage with excellent finish


Green 02bedroom

Absolutely love the colour! Was exactly what I had imagined. Would definitely recommend. Really good coverage and easy to apply


Green 02bathroom

Loved using this paint to decorate our main bathroom! Would definitely recommend and use again!


Green 01home-office

absolutely love it. The coverage is incredible which makes it really easy to use.


Green 03commercial space

Lick is like a Fine Dining restaurant which has limited but all perfect colours and the inspirations makes it very easy to choose from, of course not to forget the quality is absolutely stunning.


Green 04living-room

My favourite paint brand for walls - have yet to try the others!


Anemone 01living-room

Having never wallpapered before I was nervous to get started but Lick made it as easy as it could be. The instructions were super clear and the wallpaper is of great quality, thick and luxurious but easy to apply to the wall. It looks great!


Green 05bedroom

The best paint I've used to Decorate. Quality is unbelievable and was just so easy to get such a crisp line!


Green 09garden

I’m not into gardening, interiors are more my thing. I had great success with using Lick indoors so I was delighted when they had an exterior range. I used one tin for the whole shed and the fence and it went on like a dream and hasn’t weathered


Green 05dining-room

What a lovely paint to use! Goes on well and covers like a dream. Our whole downstairs is now covered in Lick!


Green 01living-room

I am in love with Lick paint. It’s like drinking proper hot chocolate vs the 40 calorie rubbish! It’s so creamy and I couldn’t believe how far one time went.


Green 01bedroom

Product is gorgeous - amazing colour and coverage, also love there’s basically no smell too! The colour samples are spot on and so easy to use, have recommended to friends and family already


Green 01living-room

Absolutely loved it. We went for the eggshell finish so the light would reflect off our north facing living room and it works really well. Love that we’re also helping the environment with every purchase. My favourite paint brand!


Green 01bathroom

Definitely & have already recommended to everyone. It was so easy to use & dried lovely & even. I can’t wait to use more colours in other rooms


Green 02living-room

We were after the perfect soft green with a slight grey undertone. Green 02 is gorgeous the paint is so lovely to paint with without a doubt we will use Lick again


Green 02dining-room

Yes we love it!


Green 02dining-room

We recommend them to everyone. So great to work with and such a lovely range of colours. The tins look ace too.


Green 02bedroom

It was fantastic to use! Really added depth to my room!


Green 02bedroom

Epic paint!


Green 02bedroom

Our experience using Lick was wonderful, it’s such great quality and the packaging is gorgeous. You also feel good using it knowing you’re not harming the planet as much as other brands.


Green 02bedroom

Such good pigmentation and easy to apply! So true to the samples which makes choosing it super easy!


Green 02garden

The coverage was insane


Green 02living-room

The most brilliant paint ever! LOVE it!


Green 02bedroom

We love Lick! The couloirs, quality, customer journey, advice from the team! Everything about the whole experience gives you more confidence to paint and be bolder with your choice


Green 02kids-bedroom-nursery

We were really impressed with lick - not only are the colours amazing (we used green 07), but the quality is brilliant! It gives such a good coverage, and is really easy to use. We love the tin it comes in, and the little sticks to stir the paint


Green 02bedroom

I’ve really enjoyed painting with lick as it is so easy to apply and gives a wonderful coverage.


Green 02bedroom

The paint is amazing, smooth , great quality paint. You will not be disappointed. I have already been telling people about the lick paint . The coverage is fantastic I would most certainly be using in the near future.


Green 02bathroom

I absolutely adore the Lick colour palette, we have used several throughout the house. The paint itself is very high quality and the pigments are very rich. We would highly recommend.


Green 02hallway

Absolutely love the colour and the quality is superb


Green 02living-room

We’ve used Lick on both our kitchen cabinets and now our spare bedroom and we absolutely love it!


Green 02living-room

Great coverage and easy to use. We only used 2 coats in this room and it’s got great depth! Absolutely love it!


Green 02living-room

It was amazing! It only needed two coats and it went on like a dream. Will be recommending this to everyone!


Green 02home-office

Lick paint is honestly the best I’ve ever used. I used to be a Farrow & Ball Stan, but always had to use a professional painter/decorator as I could never get a good finish. Lick, however, covers anything and everything, goes on smoothly.


Green 02hallway

We loved using lick!


Green 02bedroom

Love lick so much! The paint is great quality and I love the samples are so easy to use


Green 02living-room

Its beautiful paint, the shades are unusual and have a cool edge to them, I love the sustainability factor behind them and the brand


Green 02living-room

I absolutely adore Lick. I used Green02 in my living room and I have since used Greige02 in the bedroom, Beige01 in my hall and currently debating what colour to use in my spare room/office. I have also recommended to my friends!


Green 02living-room

The best paint I have used and the most lovely colour! I get so many compliments on the colour!


Green 02living-room

The best quality paint and such a beautiful colour, would definitely use again! Very accurate to the sample.


Green 02living-room

Absolutely loved this paint! So thick, no splashes and amazing coverage. Matched the sample exactly too


Green 03hallway

We loved using Lick paint for the first time. The colours are amazing and the paint went on so well.


Green 03living-room

We have used Lick and we love it, would never use anything else now! It is so easy to use, goes a really long way and it’s great that you can use it on wood and radiators as well as the walls to save buying a separate product


Green 03kitchen

Recommend to everyone I know! My favourite paint to use