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Grey 07living-room

We loved Lick paint. It's easy to work with, provides AMAZING coverage, and consistant and lovely colour range.


Grey 07living-room

We loved Lick paint. It's easy to work with, provides AMAZING coverage, and consistent and lovely colour range.


Grey 03kids-bedroom-nursery

We love using Lick paint, it’s great quality and has a lovely finish. I would definitely recommend Lick paint!


Grey 03kitchen

Lick never disappoint and once again I found the perfect shade to complete the renovation of this interior and transform a basement into a playful living room.


Grey 07living-room

This paint glides on your walls like a dream, and I loved the stick on samples, I found them a really helpful tool to explore contrasts in other colours and lighting around my living room to ensure I was picking the perfect colour.


Grey 07bedroom

Absolutely loved this, it was like using liquid gold! The coverage was fantastic and required less coats compared to other paints. The quality of the paint and the colour was far beyond my expectations, I was completely amazed by the end!


Grey 08bathroom

This was our first time using Lick paint and it was certainly a good experience. It was a brilliant consistency and it applied easily and evenly.


Grey 07living-room

Loved everything about it, the quality, the branding, it’s cheaper than other premium brands, and that it’s multi surface! Would recommend to others, and have done!


Grey 08bathroom

This was our first time using Lick paint. We thought it was of real high quality and it applies so well! I would definitely recommend Lick paints to others!


Grey 03living-room

The decorators I used said it was some of the best paint they’ve used. Can’t fault it!


Grey 11bedroom

Lovely consistency and great coverage! Not to mention gorgeous colours and it even comes in cute tins


Grey 08bedroom

We have used Lick several times since it the brand began. The hype is real- everything you hear about the paint is true! The quality is unreal & a little goes a long way. The coverage & colours are unbeatable. We love it.


Grey 07bedroom

It took only two coats to achieve a really even application. The colour is so rich and warm, it's been absolutely transformative. I also love Lick's environmental values so was happy to pay that little bit more for a great sustainable product.


Grey 02hallway

Lovely paint.


Grey 02living-room

The best paint I’ve ever used and yes I would!


Grey 03living-room

Brilliant paint, great customer service, would def recommend and have done.


Grey 03bedroom

I would and have recommended to friends, family and clients to using lick paint. I'm obsessed with the colour choices, the attention to detail and most importantly the quality of the paint.


Grey 04hallway

100% recommend!


Grey 07bathroom

Finally I found the perfect shade! From the genius tester sticker (which matches the paint spot on) to the final finish, Lick is going to be my go-to for all our projects going forward. It went on beautifully, only needing 2 coats


Grey 07bedroom

Loved using lick, the sample was a perfect match to the paint and was by far the best paint I have ever used and cannot recommend enough to anyone thinking of using!


Grey 07living-room

Really impressed with Lick paint, it goes on beautifully, the colour is lovely and rich and the finish is perfect. And it wipes really easily too! I’m a total convert for life!


Grey 07kids-bedroom-nursery

Love the product! I like the simplicity of colour choice yet all very on trend. Paints really nicely, and I like how it’s one paint for all surfaces.


Grey 08garden

I looked at some other paint brands and their range was too limited! I'd seen Lick's instagram post about this exterior paint and it was exactly what I had in my mind. The potency of the colour is so attractive and the quality brilliant!


Grey 08home-office

I loved that I could use the pain on the old cabinets but then also carrying it onto the walls. The product covered both surfaces really well and I love the Matt finish.


Grey 08bedroom

Absolutely love Lick paint! Apart from the rather frivolous reason that the tins are gorgeous, the coverage is also fantastic and the colours are lovely.


Grey 08living-room

This was our first time using Lick paint and we would definitely use again and recommend. The samples are fab and the paint is amazing quality - we’ve already had someone comment that Grey 08 is a really rich and lovely colour.


Grey 08hallway

Great paints to use and lovely colours to choose from! Most of my house is now covered in lick paint, we are very happy to use them time and time again!


Grey 08bathroom

This was our first time using Lick. The samples are a great idea and the paint it’s self was really good quality. The richness and depth in the colour we choose was perfect for the space. I would definitely recommend using Lick paint.


Grey 08kitchen

Definitely recommend.


Grey 07bedroom

Absolutely love the colours and tones are just perfect! Goes so far and covers brilliantly


Grey 07living-room

Absolutely love Lick paint, such great coverage and rich colours!


Grey 07living-room

I had heard such great things about Lick so decided to take the plunge after finding the samples so great to use and move around the room to see the colour in different light! The paint went on so well and with such great coverage!


Grey 07bedroom

Fantastic coverage, and such deep, rich colours.


Grey 06bedroom

Loved it.


Grey 06bathroom

So easy to use - great paint and coverage.


Grey 04living-room

Lick paint is an absolute dream to use! We’ve already painted two rooms in our new house and I don’t think we will use any other paint brand now, it’s so easy to use and the coverage is amazing! I would 100% recommend to others and already have!


Grey 04bedroom

Absolutely. It’s a joy to work with and great coverage.


Grey 04living-room

Love it, so easy to apply.


Grey 01living-room

Lovely shade and great quality


Grey 08 Exteriorgarden

Lick paint was so easy to use and the depth of colour is great. I also love that it comes with a screw cap for easy storing!


Grey 07bedroom

A customer introduced me to your paint. From the first brushstroke, I felt truly spoiled. The paint, glides off a brush or roller with ease and covers beautifully, Dries quickly and is a joy to work with.

Grey 08bathroom

100% recommend Lick paint, goes really far and love the tins. Have already recommended Lick!


Grey 06hallway

Using Lick for the first time was absolutely amazing. From the selection of colours to ordering samples and then ordering our chosen colour it was so easy and straightforward. Using the paint was an absolute dream a little definitely goes a long way.


Grey 03 Exteriorgarden

I was surprise by how good the coverage was.. I hardly used any paint at all, I could have probably painted 15 benches and still have plenty left! Plus, it’s water-based, low odour and is Low VOC. I am now an official Lick fan!


Grey 02kitchen

I love the sample sticker it was amazing to see how the paint looked on the wall without any mess of using a paint sample. The paint went on well we only needed two coats. Love that the paint is odourless because we have a baby it felt safe to use.


Grey 03bedroom



Grey 07living-room

The paint went on so well. Would definitely recommend it!

Grey 01living-room

Loved the paint colour and quality. It’s completely transformed my living room!


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