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10 gallery wall ideas

Gallery wall living room painted in Lick paint Red 03

WordsMegan Lambert


A great way to showcase all your favorite photographs, posters or prints whilst making a striking design statement, gallery walls add personality and a pop of color to bare walls. It’s a more is more look, ideal if the maximalist decor trend is your style

They can be used to create a feature wall as an alternative to wallpapering or color blocking—but most of all, a gallery wall tells your story. From travel memories, movie posters, vintage prints to original artwork, a gallery wall is a representation of you. 

If you’re thinking about curating your own, we hope these 10 gallery wall ideas give you the inspiration you need to get you going.

Mix up the styles or sizes of your frames 

Create an eclectic look with a mix of colorful, rustic or vintage style frames. Or mix things up with different frame sizes. These are two of the easiest gallery wall ideas to get right, as you can make a puzzle out of their differing sizes, thanks to their mix-and-match style. Grow your collection over time and simply add each frame into the space it best fits.

Mix photography, artwork, and textures 

On the other end of the decor sale, you could create a gallery wall through an eclectic mix of photography, artwork, mirrors, and even hanging macrame or plants for a multi-layered, textured gallery wall. Very much in the spirit of the boho decor style, this gallery wall idea really allows you to tell your story and create a personal decor narrative.

Arrange your frames on a picture ledge

Another unique way to display your artwork is by arranging your frames on a picture ledge. Not only does this create a multi-layered look, it means you can incorporate other items like hanging plants, vases, oversized letters and candles: whatever trinkets catch your eye. We love this look above the bed in a bedroom or above the sofa in a living room.