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Our 2022 color trend predictions

Dining room painted in Lick Green 04 and bedroom painted in Lick Pink 03

WordsMegan Lambert


It’s that time of year when we share our 2022 color trend predictions. Considering the paint trends for 2020 and the color trends of 2021, we cast our gaze towards the year ahead. Over the last year and a half, we have asked more of our homes than ever before. In response to the pandemic, they became home offices, home bars, home schools, and much more. With so much going on in our homes, it became more important than ever to find sanctuary within them and to create a calming environment through our color choices.

From beating the winter blues to inspiring positivity and wellness, color psychology plays an important role in our lives. So, with that in mind, here are our 2022 color trend predictions.

Lick's 2022 colour palette of beige, pink, green, blue and white paint colours

2022 color trend: nurturing pinks and beiges

There is no denying that post-pandemic society is in need of healing. We predict that in 2022, people will be gravitating towards a color scheme of nurturing pinks and warming terracotta reds, paired with grounding beiges and delicate neutral hues, for its calming and comforting qualities. According to Tash Bradley, our Lead Colour Specialist, “These colors are all about the idea of slowing down and looking after ourselves. Their warm tones will give any room a feeling of calm”. 

Our favorite pink and beige paint picks for 2022: grey Pink 01, Pink 02, Red 03, and Beige 02.

Lick colour palette of Beige 02, Pink 02, Pink 01, Beige 04, White 05 and Red 03 paint

“Pink is like a hug in a paint tin”, says Tash, “It’s what we all need right now”. Pink’s red undertones are warming whilst the white creates a soothing effect, preventing it from being overpowering. 

And beige? It’s your easygoing best mate. Easy on the eye, easy to use in any room, easy to pair with almost any color. Together they’re a winning combination. Just look at @newflatproject’s tranquil Pink 01 bedroom or @athomewiththeraines’ comforting Red 03 office. We love this use of terracotta in a home office. They can be quite anxiety-inducing spaces, but terracotta’s earthy, grounding elements can help combat this and soothe inbox related stresses. As you can see, these colors will work in any room, from your bedroom to your home office.