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4 stylish bay window decor ideas

WordsMegan Lambert


It will come as little surprise that “period features” is one of the most frequently used search terms when it comes to house hunting. A period home speaks of something timeless, something that defies trends, something that was built to last. It’s true what they say, they don’t make ‘em like they used to, and one period feature you’ll seldom see in a new-build home is a bay window.

Popularised during the 19th century, it’s as though the Victorians foresaw the modern-day need for home offices or smart storage. So, here are 4 stylish decor ideas for one of our favourite period features: bay windows.

Bay window decor idea: reading nook

Creating a no-tech nook is a great use of a bay window. The increasingly popular home library trend speaks to a collective desire to carve out tech-free spaces in our homes, so why not pick up those books and create a quiet reading nook. Step away from your laptop, your phone, and your emails and turn your little bay window into a space to digitally detox.

Bay window decor idea: home office

Many of us have been faced with the dilemma of carving out new spaces in our homes to accommodate for shifts in lifestyle (be it working from home or the arrival of new family members), with the home office being the most pressing. A larger proportion of us than ever work remotely to some extent, and so with that comes the need for a flexible WFH space. A  bay window is a great way to achieve this. 

Continue the period style and pop an antique writing desk or bureau in your space or mix things up and go for a more modern option. Not only is it a stylish look, but access to lots of natural light or just watching the world go by whilst we work improves our mood and can get our creative juices flowing.