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4 ways to bring tropical decor ideas into your home

Photo of a tropical bathroom by Simon Upton, via Architectural Digest

WordsMaha Elley


Dreaming of the tropics… aren’t we all doing that right now?

While we can’t promise that a trip to the Caribbean is on the cards this year, there are plenty of easy decorating ideas that can help you bring a taste of the tropics into your home. Both relaxing and uplifting, tropical decor is a big interior design trend for the new season and will add bags of personality to your rooms. Think Mediterranean summers, Hawaiian landscapes and Miami beaches...

From botanical wallpapers to tropical houseplants, bring some sunshine into your home with these 4 tropical decorating ideas.

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Opt for tropical colors 

Transport yourself to South Beach, Miami without stepping foot out your front door. Add a splash of the tropics into your home with a fun range of sorbet colors, from pastel blues to sunny yellow, and dramatic burgundy. This color palette captures the creative and adventurous mood of Miami, helping you bring that summer holiday vibe into your space.

Find out more about how to style the Miami neo deco pastel paint colors in your home and check out these colorful bedroom and living room ideas to get you started.

Neo-deco Palette 01 sample box

Play around with tropical jungle wallpaper 

Wallpaper is one of the simplest and most effective ways to introduce new prints and patterns into your decor. The good news? We’ve got a bunch of botanical prints in our botanical wallpaper range, such as green leaf wallpaper Botanical 03. Pair them with tropical paint colors for that quintessential Miami vibe, and don’t be afraid to get bold and creative with your combo choices. To inspire you, here are some botanical wallpaper and tropical paint color pairing recommendations from our color consultants.

Lick Jungle 01 wallpaper design
Textured wall decorated in Lick Blue 10 paint shade