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5 New York City must-visits for plant and flower lovers

Stems Florist in Brooklyn

WordsIlana Dadras


Image credit: MeganandKenneth

Walk on a trail surrounded by seasonal grasses and blooms, build your own arrangement at one of the world’s most famous flower markets, or swing away the afternoon at a biophilic design store. It may be called the concrete jungle, but there are plenty of green adventures to be had around New York City—if you know where to look. Good thing you will. Start here: with our five NYC must-visits for plant and flower enthusiasts, from Chelsea to Bushwick.

Build a Bouquet at the NYC Flower Market

Starting with the most capital-M Musts of the must-visits: the New York City Flower Market. It’s found on 28th St. in Manhattan's Chelsea neighborhood—for non-locals, Chelsea is the area that stretches from 14th to 34th St & 6th Avenue to the Hudson River. While the Market used to be much, much larger, with over 65 vendors setting up shop daily to cater to the city’s florists, it has since shrunk to a fraction of the size. Luckily, there are still plenty of places to buy tropical plants, dried flowers, or bunches of your favorite blooms from local and international purveyors. The best time to stop by? Bright and early on a weekday.

NYC Flower Market
Image credit: The Girl In The Yellow Taxi

Walk the Highline

When you’ve had your fill of the Flower Market, head downtown to the Highline: a public park designed by renowned landscape architects and built on an old freight rail line over the streets of Manhattan’s West Side. Sound lovely? It really is. The Highline opened in 2009 as a space for visitors to immerse themselves in nature and art, after being saved from demolition through the hard work of local residents. We love seeing how the landscape architects and gardeners incorporate seasonal grasses and flowers into an ever-evolving landscape. Take it from us: there’s no prettier way to get from Chelsea to the Meatpacking District.

The Highline Manhattan
Image credit: Brittany Petronella

Stop by the World’s First Biophilic Design Store

Location: 91 West Street, Brooklyn NY 11222

Greenpoint saw the opening of the world’s first biophilic design store back in 2019, and it’s well worth stopping by—whether you’re in the market for a towering plant, green wall, or heart-eyes-worthy Instagram story. It’s called Greenery Unlimited, and it’s a lush oasis full of plants, tech-y plant maintenance tools, and swings surrounded by succulents. Behind the registers, you’ll see a huge wall covered in living plants that are watered by a built-in system: that’s one of their specialties, bringing air-purifying plants to offices, yoga studios, and homes around the city.