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5 ways to style your room around your favourite statement furniture



Our home is our sanctuary. There is nothing more peaceful than coming back from a hard day at work, busy networking event, or even a long trip, and finding yourself in this safe place where every item reveals an aspect of your personality. We all have a favourite piece of furniture or decoration in our homes. Whether it’s a sofa or a tea mug, we’re somehow attached to it and we love building an environment around it, where we highlight its significance to our daily life. Here we’ll introduce you to five ways that will help you style your room around your favourite statement furniture. 

1. Be bold

Be bold, be adventurous, and don’t try to fit into any norms. Experiment with colors and shapes to make your favourite statement furniture the star of your home (after you of course). If you’re a naturally fun, outgoing and out-of-the-box type, then your rooms should speak for you. Shine on you crazy diamond. 

Geometric shapes are a good idea if you want to combine different colors.

Go bold, go pink!

Less is more? Sometimes more is more.

You don't have to go all the way - just a little accent is enough.