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6 neutral bedroom ideas

Pink and beige bedroom painted with white 05

WordsMegan Lambert


Neutral decor is making a comeback, and we think it's here to stay. We all need a calming place to retreat to. And what better spot than the bedroom? The key to neutrals is creating a feeling of cosiness and a feast for the eyes through clever textures and layering. Borrowing from the Chinese philosophy of feng shui, it's all about balance and harmony.

In color psychology, neutral colors promote a sense of calm and restfulness. They aren't brash, they aren't in your face, they don't ask much of us. Ideal for the bedroom. We've shared some of our favourite color palettes for a minimalist bedroom, so we wanted to follow up with six of our favourite neutral bedroom ideas that will turn your sleep space into a sanctuary.

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Neutral bedroom idea: neutral color palette

The writing, and the color, is on the walls. And when you're trying to create a sense of serenity in a bedroom, this is the best place to start. We love characterful, neutral color palettes.. So much more than magnolia, these earthy, neutral colors come in all sorts of shades and styles.

Japandi style

The perfect pairing of Scandi style minimalism and the Japanese concept of 'wabi-sabi'. Japandi style keeps things simple whilst embracing imperfection with natural tones and textiles. Soft beiges (we love Beige 02 and Beige 03), Greige 01 and White 02, whether paired or solo, all work in a Japandi style bedroom.

If you're wondering how to style Japandi style colors or where to begin incorporating the Japandi style decor trend in your bedroom.


'Industrial chic light' is how we'd describe the Scandi interior style. It still embraces minimalism and natural materials, combining untreated woods and plants with metals, glass, and ideally lots of natural light, but to a contemporary finish. If you want to go for a Scandi color palette in your bedroom, take a look at our white paints, like  White 01 or White 03, paired with the blue-sky inspired Blue 01 and a neutral, grounding Greige 01.

Timeless neutrals

No one does neutrals better than Kelly Hoppen CBE. That's why we've designed a collection of timeless neutral paint colors with Kelly Hoppen that will never go out of style. They are a gorgeously grown-up take on the time-tested neutral color palette. This palette’s combination of Taupe 01 with beiges Beige 04 and Beige 05, through to all of the greys: Grey 09, cool grey paint Grey 10, and Grey 11 creates a sleek yet sophisticated neutral bedroom palette. Check out all our grey paint colors.

Learn how to style the Timeless Neutrals paint colors in your home and shop our range of neutral paint colors today.