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6 Pinterest-worthy home library ideas

Bookcase painted in Lick Teal 02 paint with colour-coordinated books
Colour coordinate your books like @iammeglam

WordsMegan Lambert


If you didn’t rearrange your bookshelves at least 1500 times over lockdown, then congratulations: you found other ways to procrastinate. If, however, you spent hours positioning and then repositioning your favorite candle, picture frame, or lampshade, well, you’re not the only one.

From burgeoning bookshelves to converted home offices, the result is there are some seriously Pinterest-worthy home library ideas out there, and we’re here to share 6 of our favorites with you.

Home library idea: color coordinate your books

The easiest and offering the most instant gratification is color coordinating your books. If your collection isn’t already arranged in rainbow formation, then what on earth are you waiting for? Start by removing all of the books from your shelf (maybe give them a dust whilst you’re up there) and reorder them in color order. They don’t have to be rainbow, but this style is definitely easy on the eye. We love how this look below is made a little more grown-up in Teal 02 paint, which contrasts beautifully against the bright yellow books that pop in the bookshelf.

Home library idea: create a floor to ceiling bookcase

There are few things more envy-inducing than a floor-to-ceiling bookcase. So, would you believe us if we told you that Annem from @ahousebuiltoncheese created hers for under £600 using an IKEA Billy bookcase hack? Nor would we if we hadn’t seen it for ourselves. Annem opted for Red 03 paint, and you can get the look by following her easy to follow steps or take a look at our guide on how to paint furniture, wood, metal and other internal surfaces for a professional finish.

Bookshelves painted in Lick Red 03 paint

Home library idea: incorporate houseplants

The interior trend that continues to grow, it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that houseplants are taking over our homes and our shelving. Ensure your home library is truly Pinterest-worthy by bringing the great outdoors in. According to Science Daily, not only do office plants relieve stress and increase happiness, but they can even improve productivity by 15%. Not bad for a humble pot plant. Allowing trailing plants to hang down from open shelving will add texture and bring a little life to any home office. Or add a pop of color with indoor beauties like Purple Shamrock.