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6 tips to create a minimalist kitchen

Minimalist kitchen
Photo courtesy of Simona Sergi on Unsplash

WordsMaha Elley


Our kitchen, AKA the ‘heart of the home', is the room where we spend a lot of time, but it’s also a space that many of us tend to see as purely functional. Kitchen design can sometimes get neglected as the room is used daily, usually by multiple household members. But what if you could find a design that combines form and function to give you a space that’s both usable and beautiful?

Enter the minimalist kitchen interior trend, linked to the rising trend of the Japandi interior style (more on that below). This trend has all the principles you need for a kitchen that’s both aesthetically pleasing and easy to use. Discover 6 minimalistic kitchen ideas that will inspire you to declutter your kitchen for a chic and calming heart of the home.

Minimalist kitchen idea: get inspired by Scandi and Japanese kitchen designs 

First, what even is Japandi? 

Well, we’ve all heard of Japanese minimalism (thank you, Marie Kondo), and Scandi style kitchen decor has been all the rage on Pinterest for years. Check out our Scandi style kitchen ideas for more inspiration. The combination of both of these has resulted in a new trend called Japandi (AKA Scandinese). This style of decor takes the Scandinavian concept of cosiness and comfort known as ‘hygge’ and perfectly blends it with the Japanese notion of ‘Wabi-Sabi’ which is all about appreciating beauty in imperfection. 

So now we know that Japandi kitchens combine Japanese design with Scandinavian style. Find out how to bring their chic simplicity and minimalism into your kitchen using the tips below. 

Minimalist kitchen idea: choose a neutral or monochromatic color palette 

To achieve the classic minimalist look, our color experts recommend opting for a neutral color palette. Chic and simple color schemes that include warm beige paint, such as Beige 01, a light beige paint like Beige 02 or Greige 02, would work really well, as well as any shade of white. Check out our warm neutral paint colors sample box to test these colors in your home. If you’re working with a smaller room, whites are the way to go to really open up the space.

To amp up the chic levels, a classic monochromatic color scheme palette always does the trick. Combine a white/neutral paint color palette on the walls with cabinets painted in Black 01 paint or Black 02. Contrast your cabinets and countertops for a sleek and stylish look.

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Minimalist kitchen idea: opt for sleek surfaces and appliances

Although a minimalist style obviously implies having less ‘stuff’ on display, there are some essential kitchen appliances that you have no choice but to display. Turn your toasters and stoves into a design feature by opting for modern appliances with smooth, clean lines. Stash any non-essential pieces into the kitchen cupboards to make your counter easier on the eye.

Minimalist kitchen idea: have open, floating shelves 

Working with a small kitchen? Open kitchen shelving can help keep your space from feeling enclosed. Floating shelves are open, airy and convenient as you can easily grab what you need. And hey, they give you a good idea of exactly when you need to run that dishwasher.

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Minimalistic kitchen decorated by @japandi_design6
Kitchen decorated by Gareth Hubbard in a minimalist style

Minimalist kitchen idea: use natural materials 

This year, it’s all about using design to bring the outdoors in. This is also one of the cornerstones of Japandi design (you can check out 8 ways to apply Japandi design to your home here). Use natural elements and textures such as wood and stone where you can. Add a splash of natural green by decorating your kitchen with a few low-maintenance indoor plants. Not only do plants look cute, but they’re also known to have mood-boosting properties.