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7 easy home updates to improve your mental wellbeing

Cosy bedroom painted in Lick Green 02 paint

WordsAbbi Henderson


You’ll likely have considered, at one point or another, how your online environment affects your mental wellbeing – how you feel after spending the day in front of a screen, and the kinds of social media posts that leave you uplifted, as opposed to anxious. But, have you thought about how your physical environment impacts your mental wellbeing?

Our homes are intended to be the spaces we feel safest and most at ease in. However, if they aren’t set up to suit our very personal needs, they can end up becoming a stressor. So, to help you style your very own sanctuary, here are 7 interior tweaks that require little effort but provide a big mental boost.

1. Refresh the color palette

Color can have a huge impact on your state of mind, so if you’re finding it hard to relax in certain areas of your home, consider opting for a new hue. Interior Stylist and Art Director Pippa Jameson recommends checking in with yourself during day-to-day activities to observe how you feel in certain environments. ‘Whether you are out and about visiting exhibitions or walking in the countryside, make a mental note of how the colors around you make you feel. Which shades make you feel calm, and which have the opposite effect?’

Neutral tones and those found in nature, such as blues and greens, are associated with feelings of calm and tranquility – ideal for bedrooms and living spaces, whilst bright and bold tones are more stimulating.

‘Paint your ceiling in either a light blue or light pink,’ says Tash Bradley, our Director of Interior Design. ‘Light blue is mentally soothing and can improve sleep quality. Whilst light pink is gentle and nurturing, making you feel safe.’

2. Declutter

‘A clean house is a happy house.’ says Sam Bramley, our Lead Color Consultant. ‘When you’ve decluttered your home and done a spring clean, this can really help you feel calm and rested. It’s one of the most rewarding tasks you can do in your home.’

Clutter causes distraction and serves as constant, visual reminders of our to-do lists, so if you can keep on top of it (easier said than done, we know) you’ll find it easier to unwind at home. Take this opportunity to invest in nifty storage solutions too, so it’s easy to keep belongings out of sight.

Lindsey Isla's pink 03 painted kitchen

3. Style a sociable space

‘Use furniture to create areas of connection and conversation,’ advises Tash. ‘It's all too easy to come home from work and plonk yourself in front of the TV, but it’s really important for wellness that you create a space that invites moments of connection with others. When you're looking at the placement of your furniture, for example in a living room, ensure it is not all facing the TV. Instead, try investing in seating that’s lower to the ground, round, curved, or facing each other – all of these factors work together to encourage conversation and help create a welcoming feel in any room.’