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7 eco-friendly home decor ideas

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WordsMegan Lambert


If you’re reading this, you probably share our mission to make your home more eco-friendly. From switching energy providers, using non-toxic cleaning products, to actually checking the label before putting something in the recycling— having an eco-friendly home doesn’t stop here. It’s important to consider how our decor choices impact our carbon footprint too.

Though the decorating world doesn't match the fashion industry's environmental impact—which accounts for 10% of global carbon emissions—today, people are updating their interiors more frequently than ever before. That's why it's so important to make smart, informed decisions. As pioneers in the eco-friendly decorating field, from using non-toxic materials to re-using our paint where possible, here are some of our top eco-friendly home decor ideas.

Eco-friendly decor idea: choose low VOC paint

Did you know that the global decorating industry produced 9.8 billion gallons of paint last year, yet only 30% of that was water-based and low VOC? An acronym for volatile organic compounds, low VOC paint means low in the chemical nasties that give off that pungent paint smell. You know the one. Those VOCs are the reason a fresh coat of paint can make us feel a little queasy or give you a bit of headache. There's no getting away from it in a newly painted room. That is - unless you use Lick paint. Because our paint is both water-based and low-VOC, not only is it less harmful to the environment, but it's also less harmful to you—not to mention your pets! It's decorating without the headache.

From our paint to our decorating supplies, we aim to make recycling our products as easy as using them is. What's more, is that for every tin of paint we sell, the equivalent of two plastic bottles is removed from our oceans. To date, that's more than 390,000 plastic bottles!

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Eco-friendly decor idea: choose eco-friendly wallpaper

But it doesn't stop with paint. Though globally, we don't use nearly as much wallpaper as we do paint, since the turn of the millennium, an area the size of India has been lost to deforestation at the hands of the global paper industry. Wallpaper is a part of that. That's why we're trying to clean things up by ensuring that all of our wallpaper is FSC certified, meaning it is sustainably sourced and felled from forests around Europe.

We have also ensured that you can decorate sustainably with Lick: 100% of our wallpaper supplies are either compostable, biodegradable, reusable, or recyclable. And, with every roll of eco-friendly wallpaper you buy, we will plant one tree. So far we've planted almost 77 football pitches worth! So, whether you're going for paste-the-wall wallpaper or self-adhesive wallpaper, know that we make designs that hang about on your wall, not the planet.

Eco-friendly decor idea: embrace biophilic design

The decor trend that looks good and does good too. Not only is biophilic design linked to reduced stress and increased creativity, but the inclusion of indoor plants in your home also has lots of health benefits. They act as air filters, converting carbon dioxide into oxygen, as we all know, but they also remove harmful chemicals such as formaldehyde, benzene and trichloroethylene. Some plants can increase humidity, especially in bathrooms, which helps to soothe respiratory issues. As if you needed another reason to buy more house plants.