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7 mural wallpaper designs that will liven up your wall

Bathroom decorated in Lick Waves 03 wallpaper

WordsMegan Lambert


We’ve come a long way since the magnolia years of the mid-noughties, and now more than ever, decorators are looking for bold ways to make a statement in their homes. Enter: wall murals. That’s right, murals are back, and we’ve created a collection of vibrant mural wallpaper designs to liven up your home. The aim is to make decorating simpler, without making your decor simple. Each design has been curated based on our best-selling colors​​—so we know you’ll love them. It also makes matching your wallpaper to your paint palette a breeze.

These babies are bold, they’re beautiful, but mostly - they’re art. From ‘Into the wild’ scapes to cherubic figures and playful fruits—if you’ve got a wall or a space that you’d like to add some drama, these 7 mural wallpaper designs will take your decor to the next level.

Mural wallpaper design: Rainforest

It’s time to take a walk on the wild side. Be it Rainforest 01 or Rainforest 02, each of these mural wallpaper designs will bring the jungle into your home. If you’re a fan of maximalist decor, then this will feel like a bit of you. With its exotic botanical designs and hidden leopards and monkeys, it draws you in, forces you to take a moments pause, and connects you with the natural world. You can almost hear the bird call.

With its deep Black 01 background, Rainforest 01 includes Greige 02, Beige 05, Purple 03, and Green 05, meaning it pairs beautifully with all of these paint colors. You decide how dark or how colourful you would like to go. We think this would look gorgeous in a hallway or downstairs bathroom, with Purple 03 woodwork or Green 05 walls.

Image of Lick Rainforest 01 wallpaper

Red-based Black 02 forms the background of Rainforest 02, meaning it’s really warming and (contrary to what you might imagine) a great choice in a dark, north-facing room. Combined with vibrant Green 07 and Blue 10, alongside blue-sky Blue 08 and Blue 04, this palette is based on nature.

Wall decorated in Lick Rainforest 02 wallpaper

Mural wallpaper design: Canopy

Still delving into the wild, we’re looking up towards the skies, or to be precise, the canopies for our Canopy 01 and Canopy 02 designs. Inspired by elements of biophilic design, this intricate mural wallpaper drags you into the outdoors and reconnects you with nature. There is also a strong sustainability message—plus there’s something so adorable about those hidden monkeys, you just want to cuddle them.

Inspired by Japandi decor colors, these mural wallpapers are still bold in style, but although there’s a lot going on in the design, the palette is gentle and calming. We think these mural wallpapers would look beautiful in an elegant, eclectic living room or on the ceiling in a peaceful bedroom. Imagine lying on your bed and staring into the canopies as you pick out little jumping monkeys—you’d never leave