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8 color blocking ideas to liven up your space

Interior trends colour blocking panelled walls painted in Lick paint Blue 04

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Putting together a color scheme for your home? Express your creativity and add instant impact to any room with color blocking. This popular interior design trend can liven up any space with pops of color and contrasting prints and patterns.

Discover 8 clever color blocking ideas to revive any space in your home below.

Firstly, what is color blocking?

In a nutshell, color blocking involves combining a range of different colors (or patterns) in one area. Not only can this create an impactful statement area and liven up bland spaces, color blocking can also help you to highlight certain features in your home.

From ceilings and sideboards to fences and furniture, you can pretty much color block any surface you choose.

Color blocking idea: go bold with your color choices

Although color blocking has traditionally often been done with just two colors or patterns, it’s important to point out that it doesn’t exclusively need to be done with just two colors. You can color block with lots of colors! Be brave with your color choices if you want to create a space with that wow factor. Try unusual combinations of colors and you may be surprised at how well they contrast with each other.

a downstairs bathroom is always a great place to go bold with your colour choices, like @anna_wazza
a downstairs bathroom is always a great place to go bold with your colour choices, like @anna_wazza
Interior trends colour blocking hallway painted in Lick paint Yellow 02
when your walls become abstract art via @verdant_rosedale

Color blocking idea: go bold with your wallpaper

While it’s called ‘color’ blocking, this design trend doesn't just work with paint colors. You can also block with prints and patterns. Mixing and matching your wallpaper is a great way to do this.

Interior trends colour blocking shiplap cladding walls painted in Blue 04 and bed with Lick wallpaper Electric poppies 01
@our_victorian_home uses wallpaper to create a cosy bed nook
Hand holding Lick wallpaper Electric poppies 01
love the look of this wallpaper? check out electric poppies 01 for a pop of colour