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8 sleek modern kitchen decor ideas

Modern kitchen with white large island
Go big with your kitchen island via Unsplash

WordsMegan Lambert


Kitchens aren’t just where you cook, they are also gathering and entertaining spaces, and for many, the heart of the home. Whether you want a kitchen that is bright or subtle, monochromatic or colorful, you don’t have to sacrifice your personal kitchen decor style to add modern elements to your space.

So, what is modern kitchen style?

Some may think modern style is cold and stark, but modern kitchen decor is all about creating that heart of the home functionality in a way that feels clean, open, and sleek. Modern kitchens can be minimalist and striking or innovative and sophisticated. Clean lines, graphic light fixtures, and a neutral color scheme are all the characteristics of modern kitchen style.

Whether you are looking for organizational advice or planning a kitchen refresh, we hope you’ll be inspired by these 8 sleek modern kitchen decor ideas.

Modern kitchen idea: neutral color palette

Modern design relies on a largely neutral color palette with pops of color. Think white, beige or greige walls with vibrant artwork or accessories. Serene and encouraging a natural sense of flow, neutral kitchens are all about creating that calm and relaxing feel through color choice and tranquil tidiness.

Modern kitchen idea: statement pendant lighting

Lighting is one of the most important elements of kitchen design, and the right pendants can take your space from blah to bright. While modern design is known for its streamlined aesthetic, that doesn't mean there isn't room to make a statement. Play with design and scale and use sculptural globes, glass pendants, bright colors, and clean lines to maximize your impact.

Check out these pendant lighting styles ideas for more inspiration.

Modern kitchen idea: marble or tile backsplash

The backsplash is an important part of your overall design scheme. Add some softness and glamour to your modern kitchen with a solid marble slab backsplash. Or add texture, dimension, and visual interest with ceramic or glass tile in a geometric pattern or playful color.

A modern kitchen with a marble splashback
Keep things sleek with a marble splashback via Unsplash

Modern kitchen idea: oversized kitchen island

Kitchen islands offer multipurpose workspaces, extra storage and seating, somewhere to socialize and more. By installing a large kitchen island, you’ll be increasing your functionality and giving yourself the opportunity to create a dramatic design element. Bring that drama with a luxe marble waterfall countertop for a look that makes a splash.

Modern kitchen with white large island
Go big with your kitchen island via Unsplash