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8 ways to make your home look & feel more Japandi

WordsFrankie Marqueé


Do you love the calmness of a minimal interior but find contemporary design too stark? Are you like a moth to a flame when it comes to grounding neutrals? Is decking your home out with earth-aware materials and finishes a non-negotiable factor? If you’re crying out ‘yes’, keep reading because it sounds like Japandi style might be right up your alley. 

If you’re not familiar with Japandi, check out our breakdown of the 2021 interior style trend ‘Japandi’ here. Get on board with trend and check out our 8 easy tips for making your home more look and feel more Japandi.

Japandi style tip #1: use simple lines

Japandi interior styles are defined by their uncomplicated look and feel. One of the best places to start building that look is with furniture and accessories that have clean lines. No pretty scallop edging (as pretty as it is), no frills and fuss, no Art Deco arcs and swags —just smooth and steady silhouettes. They don't all have to be razor-sharp, but you’re going to want to keep things simple so your eye doesn’t have to work as hard to read the room, but naturally glides around the space instead. 

Kitchen decorated in Minimalist style by @japandi_design

Japandi style tip #2: choose neutral paint colors & natural color schemes in your furnishings

Neutral paint colors are a great way to talk the Japandi talk. Both Japanese and Scandinavian interiors are influenced heavily by Mother Nature and the ease and flow that comes with colors inspired by the great outdoors, so work them into your room via your paint palette, fabrics and finishes.

Beige tones are a perfect starting point. Wholesome and organic, clean and neutral, but also warm and comforting, these are the pillar stones of Japandi decor. So look to colors like our earthy Beige 03 or deeper buff browns, like our light Beige 02 paint. If you like the idea of hints of green without stepping completely into verdant territory, try Greige 01.

In terms of the more classic neutrals – your whites and grays: warmer, off-whites like White 06 and oaty White 05 sing to the restfulness of the Japandi scheme. Mid-tone, green-based grays like  Gray 04 will bed in beautifully (check out more colors that go with gray here).