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The best paint colors for your bathroom

Dark blue bathroom with white accents
A timeless modern bathroom via Unsplash

WordsHannah King


After the kitchen, our bathroom is one of the most used rooms in the home. It’s also, for this reason, however, they can quickly look tired and need updating from time to time. At Lick, our collection of paint colors offer a quick, easy way to makeover a space. Here we’ve compiled some bathroom paint colors for you to explore, read on for the key looks you can create at home.

The best type of bathroom paint

 Before we get going with our color roundup, let’s look at what type of paint you should use in a bathroom. Obviously a humid space prone to the occasional soaking, bathroom walls need to be moisture-tolerant and mould-resistant. Often known as a satin finish, Eggshell paint can be used in bathrooms and other high-traffic areas. It’s also known for being totally hard-wearing and wipeable too, which makes it perfect for a kitchen or bathroom. Additionally, great on woodwork for a beautiful finish, our Eggshell paints are designed on multiple surfaces (check out how to paint wood here). Always ensure surfaces are thoroughly clean prior to painting – all our paints are also primer based and will make a big difference in a bathroom environment.

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Light and bright bathroom paint colors: white

When space is tight, reflect the light with a classic shade of bathroom paint. Our versatile White 01, off-white with a touch of grey or off white paint White 02 are popular colors and will make your space feel bigger on the darkest of days. Brighter shades like white also create a timeless appeal so you can be safe in the knowledge that it'll last for years. Pair with a modern white bathroom suite but if this sounds too stark, light wood storage can act as a neutral.

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Bathroom paint colors that pop

If you’re a big color lover, it’s time to get bold within your bathroom paint choice with shades of blue, orange, green and red. A big winner in the bathroom paint color trends of 2020 was green). Vivid bathroom paint colors will forever brighten your day and snap you out of that mid-week brain fog. We’d also recommend sticking with earthier tones over brassier ones and pairing with natural materials like wood-grained flooring. Our Orange 01, a warm blood orange Matt paint, will provide a welcoming look without being too overkill.

Neutral bathroom paint color ideas

Like the idea of white but not convinced? The best paint for bathroom balance is a neutral palette. Sometimes pure white can feel cold so a blend is required of subtle shades that can warm a room. A term simply meaning lacking in color, neutral hues don’t compete but they do still have a purpose. A hint of Greige or Beige and your bathroom will glow, especially under fabulous lighting.

Dark bathroom paint color ideas

Have you noticed bathroom color schemes are slowly migrating away from easy to live with shades? Nowadays, homeowners crave a moodier look with black bathrooms that wouldn’t look out of place in a boutique hotel. Opt for dark blue bathroom paint and if your room is light-starved, then keep flooring pale to make the room as a whole feel brighter. Then inject some comfort and style with our Black 02, a dark velvet black with red undertones, for a bathroom that’s cocooned from the world.