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The best paint colors for bedrooms

Best bedroom paint colours

WordsMegan Lambert


If the kitchen is the heart of the home, then the bedroom is the parasympathetic nervous system. Not quite as catchy, we know, but arguably more important. It’s a place with a lot of emotion attached to it and it means that the bedroom paint color you choose is really important. According to a 2021 study, around 1 in 3 Brits have trouble getting to sleep during the week, whilst 1 in 5 find it a nightly struggle. As our home and work life merges, 10% of the population admit to ‘working from bed’ whilst a massive 70% of people report sleeping with their phones next to their beds. All of this affects our sleep cycle and can lead to disrupted sleep patterns.

Whilst there are several steps you can take towards better ‘sleep hygiene’ in your bedroom, the color you choose to paint your walls is a great place to start. So, with that in mind, we spoke to Tash Bradley, our Director of Interior Design, to recommend some of the best paint colors for your bedroom, according to color psychology.

How do bedroom colors affect your mood?

Did you know that the colors of bedroom walls have a huge impact on your mood, mental wellbeing, and how well you sleep? According to the principles of color psychology, certain colors have the ability to make us feel calm and rested, whilst others can leave us feeling stimulated and anxious. So, when we’re asking ‘How do you want your bedroom to feel’ we’re really asking ‘How do you want to feel’?

Warming, calming, relaxing, safe, and cocooning—these are the adjectives people choose to describe how they want their bedrooms to feel.

Tash Bradley, Director of Interior Design

What are the best bedroom colors for better sleep?

If you’ve got one of those brains that simply won’t stop the chatter as soon as your head hits the pillow, then a gentle blue bedroom paint might just be the answer. The most mentally calming color, Tash loves a soft blue in the bedroom. According to her “the softer the blue, the more calming. Shades like Blue 01Blue 02, and Blue 13 are perfect for a soothing bedroom and can help you sleep better”.

Darker shades tend to be more stimulating, so if you’re set on going dark she recommends Blue 17. This grounded, muted blue will help you feel relaxed and supported, without being overstimulating. Alternatively, Tash recommends teal paint for your bedroom walls, as a calming compromise for dark blue. Those green undertones of Teal 01 and Teal 02 add a soothing softness to a space, whilst still creating a deep and cocooning effect.