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Can the color of walls really keep away insects?

Village streets painted in blue

WordsMaha Elley


Ever heard the ‘myth’ that the paint color of your home could be attracting or repelling pests? Yep, bet you never kept the likes and dislikes of local insects in mind when picking a paint color. So we did a bit of investigating and, turns out, it’s not a myth. 

Well, not entirely anyway. 

In the world of pest control, color actually plays quite a big part. You can find a range of online sources offering tips and advice on what color you should and shouldn’t wear to keep pests away. 

Here’s what you need to know when it comes to home decor: 

The truth behind the myth

It’s a well-known fact that certain colors attract certain insects. So it stands to reason that some colors can be used to repel them as well. There isn’t currently much evidence to support this theory. Some say that insects will simply ignore a color they don’t like, rather than being actively repelled by it. 

Interestingly, many trap manufacturers use specific colors in their product design to influence insect behavior.

Get the low down on color theory 

Blue might do the trick

Many homeowners seem to buy into the theory that blue is the color that most effectively repels insects, specifically wasps. This is evidenced in the number of blue porches there are out there, as home owners attempt to discourage wasps from settling in and building nests in their entryways. 

While there is no evidence that blue is actively turning wasps off, it may be that the color simply isn’t attractive to them.

Yellow bulb in front of a brick wall

Hello, yellow

We’re all well aware just how much moths love light bulbs. Turns out, they love yellow light bulbs a little less. Some owners, fed up with moths crowding their lights and lamps, are buying yellow light bulbs and finding that they attract fewer insects. We’re not entirely sure whether there’s any concrete evidence to support this, but hey, it’s worth a shot right? 

The same works for house flies

Sick of these incessant house flies crowding around your grub? Research by the Proceedings of the Royal Society reported that objects with green-yellow reflectivity repel flies. A study by the research team at the University of Florida showed similar results, so there could be a case for this. Consider investing in a yellow tablecloth or painting parts of your kitchen a sunny yellow.