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Step inside apartment miso, Chef Sophia Roe's studio kitchen

Chef Sophia Roe in her studio kitchen

WordsRachel Rowney


Sophia Roe is a chef, writer, TV host, and creative force, known for her passion for food and for using her platform to advocate for social justice. Sophia and her partner Chris co-founded apartment miso, an intimate culinary studio based in Brooklyn, New York City. Her studio is a place to create recipes, write, film, and enjoy. Initially, the studio was a white, blank canvas and Sophia was ready to add bright elements that reflected her individuality, as well as develop a space that visually communicated the brand of apartment miso. Enter Lick.

Her Lick Color Consultancy first centered around a bright blue textured Ann Harper painting that is placed on a plain white wall behind the main space in the kitchen. In her TV show and cooking videos, the striking blue of the painting is seen from every angle and seemed like an ideal starting place from which to build color scheme.

Lick peel and stick sample in Blue 10 paint shade
Kitchen painted in Lick Blue 10

This bright shade perfectly aligned with her vision for the space, and also complimented a variety of existing appliances, outfits, and accessories she already owned; “I didn’t realize how much of this blue already exists in my life”.