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6 easy, breezy steps to creating a coastal-style kitchen

Coastal decor kitchen

WordsMegan Lambert


The hub of the home, year-round, gets more footfall than any other room. That’s why, when it comes to your decor style, coastal decor can be just the ticket in your kitchen. Whether you live by the sea or in a city, it’s a little bit of that vacation laidback living. From a color palette inspired by the sky and sea to a sense of space and airiness, these 6 breezy coastal kitchen ideas will leave you feeling calmed and relaxed in no time.

Coastal kitchen idea: beachy-inspired color palette

Coastal decor Lick paint colour palette

You want the color palette in your coastal kitchen to reflect the natural elements of coastal living. From beachy beiges to sea and sky blues, and cloudy whites. Blue 02 would look gorgeous on the walls of a clam and soothing coastal kitchen, whilst if you want to make a statement don’t be afraid to go dark when it comes to your kitchen cabinets, with Grey 08. Or, for that weathered look, light and white-washed with White 01. Remember, this colour palette isn’t prescriptive. Use it to inspire your mood board, rather than a list of paint colours.

Coastal kitchen idea: white shiplap cladding 

Another coastal kitchen idea for your walls is white shiplap cladding. This will give your home that seaside cabin aesthetic, for a relaxed, lived-in feel. Alternatively, if you don’t want to start tackling DIY wall panelling, you can get the look with panelled kitchen cabinets or a kitchen island. This is a popular and sophisticated way to get that coastal look in your kitchen.

Coastal kitchen idea: a sense of light and airiness 

Just like the ocean itself, coastal decor is informed by its need for open space and a sense of flow. This means as much natural light as possible and a feeling of airiness. Both of these can be achieved by open-plan living, floor-to-ceiling folding doors - which merges the indoors with the outdoors - as well as strategically placed skylights, to let the sunshine in.