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Get the beachy look with these coastal living room ideas

WordsMegan Lambert


Not to be confused with nautical decor, which is more about nautical-inspired motifs, coastal decor is about channelling that soothing power of the sea in your home. Incorporate that coastal trifecta—sand, sea, and sky—through your choice of color palette, furnishings, and textiles. Fortunately, you don’t have to live right on the ocean to recreate that coastal aesthetic in your home. So, if you want to get the look in your living room, read on:

Coastal living room idea: beachy color palette

A beachy inspired color palette is key to creating a coastal style living room. White 02 and Blue 01 are reminiscent of the sea and sky, whilst Beige 01 incorporates sandy stretches. These light and breezy colors will bounce light around the rooms and create a feeling of space. Grey 08 creates contrast through rugged metals whilst also grounding the look. Essentially, you’re trying to recreate that weathered appearance that comes naturally with coastal living.

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Coastal living room idea: layer on natural textures

When it comes to your furniture, go for wicker or rattan armchairs along with rustic, white-washed woods to incorporate those natural elements whilst an oversized, linen-upholstered sofa can take centre stage. Of course, you can keep it light, but remember, the idea is to create a relaxed, living environment, so opt for a sofa that can take whatever life throws at it thanks to removable covers and natural fabrics that can be easily washed. Pair wide-panelled wooden floorboards with large sisal or jute rugs and seagrass baskets. For a bit of window dressing, billowing linen curtains will give your living room almost a Mediterranean decor style, whilst woven Roman blinds or wooden Venetian blinds will give it almost a preppy feel.

Coastal living room idea: subtle use of patterns

Add a bit of visual interest with a subtle use of pattern in your living room. A coastal decor home isn’t about bold prints and colors, it’s gentle blue ticking stripe cushions or striped wallpaper for some added texture on your walls. You can also incorporate soft (almost pink) reds for a little added warmth.

Coastal living room idea: white shiplap cladding

Why not create your own DIY shiplap cladding wall panelling for an unmistakably coastal inspired living room. Opt for a gentle, oaty white paint to create that weathered, white-washed look. It’s a great way to imbue a cozy, rustic feel into your home. Perfect for a warm and welcoming living room.