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Color explained: everything you need to know about grey paint

Living room decorated in Lick Grey 01 paint shade

WordsFrankie Marqueé


Ah, grey. We don’t have 50 shades of the stuff, but we do have seven. Here we’re going to share how you can get the most out of them. Get clued up on your undertones, learn what grey best suits a north-facing room (and south for that matter), and find meant-to-be-together, ready-made room palettes using our range of grey paints.

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Let’s talk undertones

Colors are more complicated recipes than we give them credit for. There’s a whole load bubbling away beneath the surface that deserves proper attention because that end shade you’re looking at on the tin is anything but one-dimensional.

Cue the undertones.

If you’re going to get this color thing right, you’ve got to bear in mind the undertones. Think of them as the base notes in the wine, that, once you’ve got them all figured out will help you appreciate the taste ten times more and give you a banging palate (or palette in this case). 

Undertones are what will change up the temperature of a color. At Lick, we use five in our greys, and you can expect them to do a little something like this to your room: 

  • Sky blue: things are going to get crisp and Scandi in vibe;
  • Lilac: teetering between warm and cool, you’ll feel softness more than anything;
  • Lavender: basically does the same as lilac, but even more;
  • Green: adds warmth, warmth and a bit more warmth;
  • Brown: 100% warm but this is where you’ll get mega depth too.

Drop a tint. Throw some shade

Next up in this quick-fire color theory class are tints and shades. 

Once you’ve got your head around the undertones, remember that there’s also the intensity of color to wrestle with. In other words, do you want the lighter shade of pale or to head over to the dark side?

Add white, and color buffs call that a tint. Add black, and they’ll say – now that’s a shade. Bet you’re starting to see how it’d be pretty easy to whip up 50 of them.

Color compatibility and room direction

Okay, so my room is north-facing and gets buckets of natural light. So that obviously means I need a god-knows-what sort of grey.

Sound familiar?

People throw around room direction statements rarely with a clear conclusion as to what compass point suits what sort of color. 

Until now that is.

Here's what grey paint we recommend for rooms with different directions...

North-facing rooms: green and light grey paint

North-facing rooms: northern light is the coolest of the lot. It casts a blue hue, so try to avoid cool greys like Grey 01 paint and look more to our Grey 04 whose lovely green undertones will warm it up and the darker shading will suit the cool light. If you fancy something lighter, check out our Grey 03 for a warm light grey paint.

East-facing rooms: green and blue grey paint

East-facing rooms: you’ll see a lot of change in them. Whatever grey you choose will look very different whether it’s sunset or sunrise. But easterly spaces have a tendency to look a bit bluer, so a grey like Grey 04 (which has a hint of green) or green grey Grey 07 are your guys, or maybe a light blue-grey like Grey 01;