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5 decorating tools for the eco-conscious decorator

Lick studio painting with eco decorating supplies

WordsMaha Elley


Want to do your bit for the planet while painting? Stay eco-friendly with our eco-friendly decorating tools from our newly launched range of LickPro Tools. Including brushes, trays, rollers, and more - you know, all that essential gear that makes painting possible.

All the products listed below are made entirely from sustainably sourced materials such as bamboo and sugarcane and are either compostable, biodegradable, reusable or recyclable. They are tools you'll be proud to work with. Plus, they're all super durable–because what's more sustainable than products that last?

Read on for the full low-down:

Eco-friendly decorating tools: paint brushes 

Meet our brand new bamboo brushes, manufactured using sustainably farmed bamboo. Why bamboo? Well, it grows a couple of feet every day, and you never cut it at the root - which means no deforestation. To top it off, it keeps our air clean by producing up to 35% more oxygen than its alternatives.

It’s not all just bamboo though. The recycled natural bristles are designed for durability and precise painting, and all the metal used is recycled too.

Close up of Lick Brush set flatlay

Eco-friendly decorating tools: paint rollers

We've perfected every element of the humble roller, designed to make decorating easier. These eco-friendly rollers have ergonomic handles for your comfort, recycled sleeves to streamline loading up, and quality frames for an effortlessly even finish everywhere.

Lick 9" roller and sleeve bundle

Eco-friendly decorating tools: biodegradable dust sheet

You can’t paint without making a little mess along the way. Protect your floors, furniture and fave things with our 100% recycled plastic, biodegradable dust sheet. Not only is it resistant to spills and splodges, this sheet is also oxo-biodegradable. This means that it can be recycled, and if it isn’t recycled, it will biodegrade in landfill much faster than biodegradable sheets. These sheets only need oxygen to degrade, and will disappear to a safe microscopic level, even safe for marine environments. Good for your wallet, great for the environment.