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How to create a stunning eclectic-style bedroom

Eclectic bedroom with silver and pink colour accents by Matthew Williamson

WordsMegan Lambert


Derived from the Greek word eklektikos, meaning 'selective', in decor terms, eclectic decor style refers to selecting your favourite elements across various styles and reinterpreting them into your own idiosyncratic look. It's all about breaking the rules, expressing your individuality, and not subscribing to one decor trend. In the bedroom, that looks like a cosy and welcoming space. A room filled with your favourite objects and layered with soft fabrics and cushions. So, if you can't decide between going full maximalist decor or mid-century modern, with eclectic decor, you don't have to.

Eclectic-style bedroom idea: gallery wall

A gallery wall is the perfect way to put your stamp on an eclectic style bedroom. It's an opportunity to create your favourite pieces on one wall and a tell-tale sign of an eclectic decor room. Vogue Williams' London home is a gorgeous example of letting your art do the talking. But remember to think outside the box. Whilst it can be a curated collection of your favourite artwork, an eclectic-style gallery wall can also include mirrors, tapestries, vintage or neon signs. Anything you can hang on a wall, really.

Eclectic-style bedroom idea: bold wallpaper

Bold wallpaper and eclectic decor go together like tea and cookies. Think out-there florals like Electric Poppies 02 or Jungle 03. You can use your wallpaper choices to create a DIY mood board and inform your paint colour choices throughout the rest of your bedroom. If you don't want to commit to wallpapering the entire room, why not just create a feature wall behind your headboard. Doing the job yourself? Find out how to hang wallpaper like a pro.

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Eclectic-style bedroom idea: layer patterns and textures

More than any other room, you want to create a cosy and cocooning feel in your bedroom. When it comes to eclectic decor, you can achieve this by layering patterns, colors and textures in soft fabrics and tactile finishes. Whether that's an upholstered headboard, a plush velvet bedroom bench, a thick pile rug underneath your bed or patterned curtains that add some drama—there is so much variety in the way you can use pattern and fabric in an eclectic style bedroom. Oh, and don't forget the scatter cushions!

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