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Get the look: Vogue Williams' stylish London home

Vogue Williams and Tash Bradley sitting on a sofa in her living room painted in Lick Pink 01 paint

WordsMegan Lambert


Tash Bradley, our Lead Colour Specialist, caught up with Vogue Williams to talk all things color, interiors, and artwork. Earlier this year, we transformed her (in Vogue’s words) “white white white white white” London home into a modern eclectic retreat. We used a focal piece of art by Irish artist Peter Doyle to inform the colors throughout the house. Its light pinks, light blues, and teal can be seen throughout.

There was a bit of compromising to be done in the Williams-Matthews household. Vogue’s style is more muted with the odd pop of color. She likes to use her walls as a backdrop to display her art collection, whilst Spencer is much bolder; “If the decor was left to him we’d be living in a Rubik’s cube”. But that’s what Tash is for.

Sit down with Tash and Vogue below as they delve deeper into the thought process behind the design style, and read on to find out how you can get the look.

Vogue Williams’ living room decorated in Pink 01 paint

The living room in the Williams-Matthews household is so much more than just a living room. An open-plan living space, it’s where they spend time as a family, where they cook, dine, lounge, and podcast. It’s safe to say it’s a multifunctional room and a  great example of broken-plan living.

We went for light grey Pink 01 for a white look with lots of warmth. According to Vogue, “it was the most surprising because when it went up on one wall, I was like oh god it’s really pink. But now the whole room is done, it just isn’t. It’s probably my favorite color, just because it really brightens up the room”.