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Get the Miami look: Art Deco style

Dining room painted in all colours from the Neo Deco pastel paint collection.

WordsMaha Elley


We’ve all heard about the Art Deco interior style, whether it’s through drooling over the designs in The Great Gatsby or loving the decor in your favourite 1920’s style bar. But have you ever heard of the Miami Art Deco look? Yep, it’s a thing. This wildly popular style is one that you can easily incorporate into your homes to amp up the summer vibes and playful mood. The laid-back Miami look features lots of crisp pastels and leafy hues, as well as Art Deco shapes and architectural features in furniture, for a breezy feel that celebrates summer.  

Discover how to get the ultimate Miami Art Deco look in your home by adding elements of Art Deco style.

How to get the Miami Art Deco look

Play around with pastel paint colors

The colors from the Art Deco period were bold and bright, and often paired with softer creams and beiges. Inject that vibrant vibe into your home with one of the pastel colors from our new collection - the Lick x Livingetc Neo Deco pastel paint collection. With 7 easy to use colors, the palette includes a few hues of blue (such as the sky blue paint Blue 08), a warm and sunny yellow and a dusty blush pink.

Explore our full collection of Neo Deco pastels paint colors and learn how to style the Miami Neo Deco pastel paint colors here.

Take inspiration from Art Deco architectural features

Popular Art Deco architectural features include bold and symmetrical shapes and motifs, such as zigzag and chevron patterns. This style of architecture is all about angular forms and geometric design, which are elements you can just as easily introduce in the interior of your home.  

Art Deco architecture
Wall mural with geometric striped shapes painted in Lick pastel paint colours

Incorporate lush tropical palm leaf designs into your wallpaper and furnishings

Want to introduce the tropics into your space without a huge amount of effort or investment? Other than tropical indoor trees and plants (which can take a little bit of maintenance), botanical wallpaper (such as this blue leaf wallpaper) and patterned wallpaper is an easy way to do so. Some great examples are the exotic and upbeat jungle wallpapers; Jungle 02 and jungle leaf wallpaper Jungle 03. You can also bring in tropical prints through your soft furnishings, such as headboards!

Discover our patterned and botanical designer wallpapers here.