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How are UK interior design trends influenced by other countries?

Scandi design influences

WordsMaha Elley


There’s no denying that interior decor trends in the UK have been heavily influenced by global design over the last few years. Modern British homes now feature an amalgamation of multicultural influences and some of the most popular styles that we’ve been inspired by have been international. This could (in part) be due to platforms such as Instagram and Pinterest, which make global interior design inspiration a lot more accessible. 

Let’s take a closer look at which global design trends have most influenced how we decorate our homes in the UK over the last decade.

Parisian chic

A classic international design trend that has stood the test of time in terms of popularity in the UK, French style decor often involves a love of art and vintage classic decor pieces. Think wrought-iron bed frames, chaise longues and a simple color palette, mixed with statement boho nods. Though French-inspired decor (and indeed cuisine) as often been associated with the high-end market, its staying power in the recent years is a testament to its now wide-ranging use in our homes and in hospitality too.

Mix vintage pieces with new pieces and strew your home with your favorite art prints for that sleek French style.

Scandi simplicity

Enter Pinterest and you’ll be bombarded with swathes of Scandi interior style design inspo, with its simple clean lines and functional elegance. The long-lasting popularity of Ikea is a testament to how loved this type of design is in the UK, and you’ll easily find its influence in many homes (and trendy offices) around the country. 

The Danish design trend ‘hygge’ has also taken our design industry by storm. This concept is all about creating a feeling of joy and coziness, which offers a perfect retreat from our long British winters! You can achieve hygge vibes with the use of ambient lighting, spa-like bathrooms and neutral colors.

Japanese minimalism 

Japanese design revolves around the approach of ‘less is more’. And in recent years, this is a philosophy that has greatly influenced British homeowners as well, with many people choosing to opt for fewer and simpler pieces to decorate their homes. 

The best part? This is the easiest global design approach to adopt in your own home. Create a minimalist home simply by decluttering. As Marie Kondo so wisely states, that which does not ‘spark joy’ should be given away or disposed of (in an eco-friendly manner, of course).

(Tip: Nail Japanese minimalism by opting for lighter colors on your walls to create an open and airy space.)

Moroccan Vibrancy

Over the last decade, Moroccan design has had a huge influence here. This is largely concentrated to their vibrant use of colors, especially in their stunning decorative tiles. In particular, flooring tiles in bold colours and with striking patterns have seen a surge in popularity across design stores in the UK. 

Inject splashes of bright color to your interiors and bring in some of that Moroccan design influence to your home.

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