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Find the perfect color palette for your home using our Lick Colors Tool

Lick Colour Tool


Transform the way you mood board with the Lick Colors tool.

Found an interior image you love? Now you can get a tailor-made color palette inspired by your favorite Pinterest finds. Our quickest and most interactive decorating tool yet, simply upload your Pinterest mood board and we’ll automatically create a shoppable color palette to match each image. Here's how...

Follow these 8 easy steps to turn your decor inspiration into a reality:

Step 1: Ensure you have a Pinterest account. 

If you don’t, you create a new personal account to discover Pins and save them to boards.

Sign up here

Step 2: Create a Pinterest board with your favorite images pinned to it. 

To do this:

  • Click “Create a board”

  • Title the board e.g. Living room

  • Search for inspiration. E.g. “Soho House style living room”

  • Pin the images you love to your new living room Pinterest board

Step 3: Follow the Lick Colors link.

Try the Lick Colours tool

Step 4: Authorise Lick Colors to have access to your Pinterest boards.

Step 5: Choose a board.

Step 6: Let Lick Colors work its magic!

Lick Colours Tool mood board

Step 7: Click on the colors below the image to see the Lick paint colors.

Lick Colours Tool