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How to style the Neo Deco pastels colors in your home

Neo-deco Palette 01 sample box

WordsMaha Elley


Did you hear? We’ve just launched our collab with Livingetc — the Lick x Living Etc palette: Neo Deco pastels paint collection. With 7 playful colors to choose from, it’s the perfect palette to set your home up for summer, Miami Art Deco style. Once you’ve had a good ol’ browse through the paint colors, you’ll soon be wondering which ones you should select for your space, which rooms to use them in, and how creative you can get with this palette.

The good news? Multiple colors from this collection can be used in one room for that much-loved spring and summer vibe. All the colors in this palette are yellow based and have been carefully designed and developed to work harmoniously together.

Just feast your eyes below...

Living room mural painted in Lick paint palette 01 Neo deco pastels


Equally, the colors don’t need to be used side by side to make an impact. This collection is designed to decorate your whole house - use them across different rooms and they’ll all compliment each other. For instance, you could use the blues and creamy white on the walls and the deep burgundy as a highlight detail around a door frame in the living room, leading into a dusty pink dining room. Other great combinations include pairing the white, yellow and green mint blue, the white and burgundy, or the pink & white.

Don’t be afraid to get super creative with this palette — the amount of fun color combinations here are endless. Discover how to style the Miami Neo Deco pastel paint colors in the different rooms of your home, with recommendations from our Lead Color Specialist, Tash.

How to style mint green paint in your home

Although it’s called Blue 09 because of its strong blue undertones, this paint color is actually a soft mint green (our take on duck egg blue paint). From bathrooms to hallways, you can use it in multiple rooms to bring those calming outdoor vibes in and create the ultimate spring colors palette in your home.

How to style baby sky blue paint in your home

Get permanent blue skies in your home office by painting your study with the perfect sky blue paint: Blue 08. This soothing color will evoke a feeling of calm as you deal with your workday. Hey, anything to reduce the stress of those back-to-back Zoom meetings.