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How to use different decorating tools

WordsMaha Elley


A major part of decorating success? Arming yourself with the right tools. 

Navigating your way through the decor aisle can be daunting, we know. If you’ve ever stepped into a DIY store and walked out feeling slightly overwhelmed, we’re here to simplify matters a little. Gather the goods you need using the list below.


Along with a quality tin of paint, the right paintbrush or wallpaper brush is essential for a flawless finish. Invest in a 2-inch angled brush to ‘cut in’ the edges so you can reach all those inner nooks and crannies. It’s easy to control so you’ll also find it useful for painting door and window frames.


Use a large roller to apply paint to bigger surface areas three times faster than you would using a paintbrush. Invest in a mini roller for tight corners and to blend your cut in edges.

If you're painting high ceilings, opt for a paint roller extension pole to help you reach them.


Painting tray

Pour your paint out into a paint tray that you can easily dip your roller into. Look for a stable base with a deep enough pit and invest in some disposable liners to save yourselves the scrubbing hassle.

Wallpaper adhesive/paste

Hang wallpaper up with a lick of high-quality wallpaper and wallpaper adhesive/paste and it’s up there for the long haul. Lay a trimmed sheet of wallpaper down on a table and apply a thin film of wallpaper paste on the back using a paint roller. Allow the paste to soak in (using the manufacturer’s recommended time) and proceed to hang. 

(Tip: Find out whether your wallpaper material requires a specific paste before you buy. You can get wallpaper paste as a powder to mix with water,  but we’d recommend investing in ready-mixed adhesive to save time.)