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How to use pastel colors in your home

Lindsey Isla's pink 03 painted kitchen

WordsNina Bragg


Spring is all about new life, new beginnings, and colors. One of the most popular interior color trends of the year is pastels. The good news is that you can bring your favorite pastel spring colors into your homes.

Discover how to use pastel colors in your home to bring a burst of spring all year round.

Rising spring interior trend: pastels 

What makes pastels so popular in the world of interior design? According to our Lead Color Specialist, Tash, “Pastels are great communicating colors”. They create a feeling of calm and happiness in your home as they don’t have any black pigment in them. Pastel colors are light, fresh and airy, with white and neutral undertones for simple zen.

Why you should use pastel colors in your home 

As Tash says, pastels are relaxing and inviting: “Pastels are a lovely way for someone to bring in some color into your home as they are soft and don't demand a lot from you”. 

At Lick, all our pastel pinks and light colors are designed to bring softness and happiness to a room. And you don’t have to pick a favorite—you can use all of the pastels from our Neo Deco pastels collection as they all harmonize with one another. Wander from a dusty pink to a soft mint green to a sky blue room; the colors from this room work very nicely together as they’re all yellow-based.

How to use pastel paint colors in your home

Pastel pink paint

Create the ultimate spot to lounge in with our favorite nurturing color -  pastel pink. Deck your living room or bedroom walls in the super-soft Pink 01 or the muted bubblegum Pink 03 and it’ll be like watching your fave shows while wrapped in a warm hug. 

Pastel blue paint

Known for their soothing and de-stressing qualities, soft shades of blue make the perfect choice for your bedroom and bathroom. Take your pick from the sky blue paint Blue 08, the mint green Blue 09, the fresh clean minty Blue 02 or the light Blue 03 with green undertones for added zen factor.

Pastel green paint


Bring the outdoors in with the color of nature - green. Add the relaxing energy of green with paint colors such as the uplifting Green 09 or the fresh neo Green 08. These would look great in any room, but we love a pale green for kitchens.