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Interior trends: Cottagecore decor

Cottage core bedroom and living room inspiration in Lick paint Red 03

WordsMegan Lambert


We admit it. In the last year, we’ve gone hardcore for Cottagecore. We’ve already spotlighted the Cottagecore garden trend, but as autumn creeps ever nearer, we’re looking inwards: to the warmth and safety of indoors. The Cottagecore interior trend is all about creating a cozy and inviting home environment. It’s freshly cut flowers in vintage vases and handmade cushions on hand-me-down furnishings. What it isn’t is brand-spanking new. So, if you want to learn how to bring a little of the Cottagecore decor trend into your home, read on.

What is the Cottagecore aesthetic?

Stemming from a collective yearning for a simpler, less digitized life, the Cottagecore trend grew in popularity during 2020 (when we were all confined to our homes). Whimsical and nostalgic, Cottagecore promotes a deep connection to nature and a nod towards sustainability and eco-living. Whether it’s homemade cakes, cushions, or ceramic cups, Cottagecore champions anything quaint, quirky, and most importantly, not shop-bought.

Characteristics of the Cottagecore aesthetic in interior design

Cottagecore decor characteristic: botanical wallpaper

Embracing the natural and timeless in style, one of the easiest ways to bring a little Cottagecore aesthetic into your home is with floral wallpaper or botanical wallpaper. Take a look at our guide on how to style floral wallpapers for some inspiration. Or, if you’re not looking to wallpaper an entire room, you could opt for framed botanical prints.

Lick Fern 01 wallpaper in bedroom

Cottagecore decor characteristic: upcycling

Repeat after us: “make do and mend”. If Cottagecore had a mantra, this would be it. Preferring the vintage, second-hand, hand-me-down or upcycled, Cottagecore furnishings can afford to be a little rough around the edges. It’s all part of the charm. Take a look at our guide to upcycling furniture for a little help from the professionals.

Interior trends cottagecore vintage console dresser
gareth young vintage furniture adds a rustic and homely feel
Cottagecore interior trend upcycled  pastel drinks cabinet painted in Lick paint Green 09
@gabriellanook upcycles a cabinet and paints it in green 09

Cottagecore decor characteristic: soft palettes

When it comes to Cottagecore inspired paint palettes, think cozy. Soothing greens and gentle pinks work perfectly in a relaxing bedroom, whilst warming reds or deep greens create a cozy living room, and a touch of forget-me-not blue is perfect in a kitchen or bathroom. Wondering what to do with your leftover paint? Why not get a little arty and create your own DIY wall mural on a budget.

Cottagecore decor characteristic: indoor plants and flowers

From floral wallpaper to indoor plants, Cottagecore is all about embracing nature and what better way to do so than to bring the outdoors in. Trailing plants like ivy create that whimsical feel, but if you’re something of a pot plant serial killer, then dried or pressed flowers are also a key component of the Cottagecore interior trend.

Pop dried wildflowers in a vintage vase or pressed flowers in a glass frame for year-round color. Extra points if you dried them yourself. Whatever you do, when it comes to Cottagecore: no faux flowers.