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Interior trends: what is Mediterranean decor style?

Mediterranean home

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If you’ve ever holidayed along the Mediterranean coastline, opened the summer edit of any glossy interiors magazine, or you’re just a die-hard Mamma Mia! fan—you’ll know what we’re talking about. Venturing further afield than its geographical origins, Mediterranean decor is everywhere. You know the look: white-washed interiors lead onto a breezy, open-air dining terrace, centuries-old warm stone walls covered in well-established bougainvillaea. If you close your eyes, you can almost smell the sea air. Sound like paradise? We think so. Wherever you live, if you want to bring a bit of The Med back into your home, continue reading to find out how you can get the look.

What is Mediterranean decor style?

As the name suggests, Mediterranean decor style is inspired by the coastal living lifestyle of countries like Spain, Italy, and Greece (to name a few). It’s a geographical variation of the much broader coastal decor trend, which focuses on white-washed walls, indoor-outdoor living, and lots of natural elements. As these countries benefit from that coveted Mediterranean climate, they’re blessed with warm summers and pleasant winters, meaning doors can be flung open almost year-round. These light-filled spaces are perfect for a neutral and paired-back color palette. Where the Mediterranean decor style differs is its history and the cultural elements of these regions that have played a part in shaping this style.

The history behind Mediterranean decor style

Today, a more contemporary Mediterranean decor style is in vogue, including large windows that you can throw open and let the light stream in. Owing to Spanish influences and as some coastal areas of the US share that balmy Mediterranean climate, the decor trend grew in popularity in The States. Not only did this timeless style represent a globally fashionable design but also a life of leisure. No surprise then that you’ll find it everywhere, from Palm Beach to Los Angeles.

Key characteristics of Mediterranean decor style

Use of color as an accent, with palettes that reflect the natural environment

These might vary from region to region. Whilst traditionally Greece it is often cobalt blue on the Spanish mainland, it might be the warm red of terracotta tiles, whilst in Ibiza, it could be a modern grey accent. If you’re looking to recreate that Mediterranean coastal feel in your home, go for a light and airy color palette, with lots of warming whites to echo that white-washed look and earthy beiges. You could also incorporate some blue accents on your woodwork, as a nod to its nautical origins, for a clean, fresh, and timeless feel.

Mediterranean decor style Lick paint palette

Natural stone walls and exposed architectural wooden features

Bring the warmth by embracing natural architectural elements like exposed beams, terracotta tiles, or stone walls. These will add tons of character to your property, and if your home is blessed with them, you can keep your fabrics and furnishings minimal whilst allowing those architectural elements to do the talking. If you don’t, you could create this look by using a mix of natural materials in your decor.

 Atzaró hotel
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Include Mediterranean plants

And don’t forget the plants! Be inspired by the region and place an olive tree in an oversized terracotta pot. If you’ve got enough light, an orange or lemon tree will instantly transport you to the Sicilian coast. Lavender will manage indoors as long as there’s enough light and will add a soothing fragrance to your home, whilst rosemary, thyme, and basil are very useful to have to hand in a Mediterranean kitchen.