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Interior trends: what is traditional farmhouse decor?

Traditional farmhouse kitchen with a large kitchen island

WordsMegan Lambert


​​In these modern times, we all want a simpler life, so it’s no surprise that farmhouse decor is taking the world by storm. It’s cosy, comforting, and totally nostalgic. So, take a look at traditional farmhouse decor, learn the history behind the trend, how it’s inspired contemporary trends, and (most importantly) how we can create it in our homes.

What is the history behind the traditional farmhouse decor style?

Traditional farmhouse decor pays homage to the cosy farmhouse aesthetic. Inspired by the provincial homes of the first American settlers, the style is reminiscent of simpler times. Contrary to what you might think, traditional farmhouse decor isn’t precious or fussy. It incorporates rustic and handmade touches with a need for sturdy and practical furnishings. Focusing on robust pieces that are made to last. What doesn’t, you can make do and mend. It’s a little bit of that DIY cottagecore attitude without the added frills. If you’re after a warm and welcoming, fuss-free aesthetic in your house, then traditional farmhouse decor might just be the one for you.

Key characteristics of the traditional farmhouse decor style

Traditional farmhouse decor characteristic: warm and cosy color palette

Compliment those architectural features with a warm and cosy color palette. That doesn’t mean it has to be all whites and beiges (though we do love a neutral color palette), you can go for warm greens and blues, like a Green 02Green 05 or a Blue 02 kitchen. A classic wallpaper, like our Chinoiserie 01 would look gorgeous in a traditional farmhouse style bathroom. Take a look at our guide on how to style the new neutral colors in your home.

Traditional farmhouse mood board featuring Lick Green 05 and Beige 04

Traditional farmhouse decor characteristic: wall panelling

Another way to layer your decor and create texture (especially if you don’t have any original architectural features) is with wall panelling. We’d recommend shiplap cladding for that traditional farmhouse look. Use reclaimed wood for a rustic look or paint it to compliment your decor scheme. Gorgeous in a bathroom, kitchen, bedroom—any room really—shiplap cladding is the perfect way to add instant character to a space.

Traditional farmhouse decor characteristic: natural woods and materials

Likewise, if you don’t have original architectural features incorporate natural woods and materials into your home through your furnishings. Look for reclaimed barn-style doors with rustic ironmongery fittings. You can even make a statement from your firewood by creating a log feature wall by a fireplace or store it in a large wicker basket for that cosy fireside feel.