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Introducing: Lick Eggshell paint

Image of egg-shaped paint splotches

WordsMaha Elley


You asked, we listened. From today, you’ll be able to deck your walls (and anything else) in all your favourite Lick colors with an eggshell finish as well as matt. Yep, we got all your DM requests asking us when we’re expanding our range to include other eggshell and other types of paint. And we’ve picked the eggshell paint finish from the bunch to start, for all the reasons below.

More on our eggshell paint launch later. But first...

What is eggshell paint? 

What is eggshell paint? Let’s start here. The main difference between matt paint and eggshell paint is the finish. An eggshell paint finish is noticeably glossy and, well, notmatte. It has a slight sheen to it and is a bit more lustrous than matt paint. It’s reflective, but still super pigmented so you still get that pop of colour you’re after.

Let’s be clear though, eggshell paint is not shiny, it’s sheen-y. The finish looks similar to (you guessed it) an egg surface. Head to your fridge to see what we mean.

When should you use eggshell paint? 

Like our Matt paint, our Eggshell paint is super durable, so you can use it in rooms with lots of ‘traffic’ without worrying about any fading, staining, etc. This easy clean nature makes it a popular choice for kitchens and bathrooms. 

But it’s not all about function - let’s talk looks. Eggshell paint has a soft sheen and you’re going to want to show that off, so it works well for main living areas. It’s also a nice finish to wake up to, if you want to add a touch of easy glam to your bedroom without much effort.

Eggshell paint for bathrooms

Eggshell is the best paint for bathrooms if you want to keep your bathroom looking ‘fresh’ (and let’s face it, who doesn’t?). The main benefit of the finish for bathrooms is that the reflective sheen maintains its lustre, even after it’s been exposed to moisture or washed down multiple times. It's also perfect when you're painting areas that would come in direct contact with splashing water from e.g. the shower or sink splashback.

Bathroom decorated in Lick white paint shade
Bathroom decorated in Lick Red 01 paint shade

Eggshell paint for kitchens

Eggshell paint is very easy to clean, which makes it a popular choice for kitchens. Wipe off any grubby fingerprints or splodgy stains with the easy swipe of a wet sponge or cloth. The reflective nature is just reflective enough so light bounces off it, but it doesn’t enhance any imperfections. This also makes it perfect for smaller kitchens, as it can create the illusion of a little more space. Which means a bigger, brighter kitchen with just a few licks. 

Kitchen decorated in Lick black paint
Kitchen decorated in Lick blue paint shade

Introducing Lick’s eggshell paint range

On that note: we’re very excited to tell you some more about Lick’s very own range of eggshell paints. From today, you can get a range of our most popular colors in an eggshell finish. Just pick your color and select between matt and eggshell when you’re adding to cart. 

earn more about what eggshell finish is and what other types of finishes you can explore.


Browse through our paint colors and order your eggshell paint(s) today.