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Introducing: Lick × Studio Coverdale wallpaper

WordsFrankie Marqueé


This one’s an announcement that we’ve been brimming with excitement to share with the Lick tribe for some time. But today, we can finally let the cat out of the proverbial bag as our debut designer collab is officially a go-go. An edited collection of four 

borne from the fantastical mind of digital flower arranger, Natasha Coverdale, AKA) Studio Coverdale, these aren’t papers to simply look at but to immerse yourself in, to get lost in, and that provide “a sort of escapism and color therapy,” as Coverdale puts it. Eyes open wide, sense of adventure intact, it’s time to step into her world…wallpapers

Natasha – the designer, the illustrator, the fantasist

Born in Hong Kong, raised in England, followed by a short stint in Texas, Bangkok, and then back to Britain. Graphic design for many a luxury brand, a Master’s in print textiles, and an illustrator on the side as her own private pride and joy —it’s fair to say that Natasha’s story is as rich and varied as her work.


It wasn’t until 2018 that she took the brave step of going it alone and launching her own studio where she could do what she does best and what she loves most of all: creating her own artworks for people who embrace color, botanical pattern, painterly heritage and the notion of hidden treasures. Natasha’s known for hiding surprises in her pieces such as Derek the iguana who crops up again and again amongst her dreamt-up blooms.


But that’s enough from us, get the proper lowdown in our exclusive lockdown Q&A here.

The Lick × Studio Coverdale collection

Two designs, two color ways, four fantastical wallpapers, this is a collaboration that seeks to showcase Natasha’s imagination and creative hand with zero holding back. Focusing on her favourite florals to date, in our papers she layers and layers to create a mass of foliage, especially in the aptly-named Mars Meadow wallpapers.

“It’s a cornucopia of so many flowers that I’ve used in other prints. I always create my own flora, coming up with names, characters and even scent profiles for each of them from Ice Sprites, Dragon Bells and Pearl ferns to the rare and fragrant Electric Poppies that I showcase in my other wallpaper design. Mars Meadow is best of the bunch if you will!” says Coverdale. “I wanted to design wallpapers that were as rich and indulgent as my mind would let me, with as many color influences in one piece as possible.”

Back to boho-meets-British-heritage Mars Meadow, it comes in two distinct palettes – one that draws on the colors of fresh foliage, rightly named Evergreen, and the other, Harvest, that is warm, comforting and nurturing. Our second paper, Electric Poppies, might share the same distinctive character and 17th-18th century inspired detailing.

It comes as no surprise then that Natasha watches period dramas as she draws and spends much of her time lost in the archives at Kew or sketching in various National Trust properties), but it’s a far cleaner, more vibrant design. Here, pick from Mansion Library, which has a sumptuous deep green as its hero hue or Candy that Natasha hopes will encourage people to be playful in their interiors. “It’s about fun, femininity and frivolity,” she says.