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Lick: A Year in Review

WordsMegan Lambert


Image courtesy of @sylviassparkles

Wouldn't it be cliché of us to comment on what a year it's been? Yet here we are doing it anyway, because seriously, what a year it's been. This time 365 days ago, we launched our new venture, and almost immediately, the pandemic plunged the world into a global lockdown. Fear, frustration, foolish optimism, and then back to fear covers the emotional arch we went through. One year on, we're able to look back with (mostly!) fond memories, but whilst we were on it, the ride was white knuckle. That's why we wanted to take a moment to thank all of you, our community of decorators. We wouldn't be here if it weren't for your support.

How it started

It all started with Lucas and Sam and a shared mission to make decorating simple. Less mess, less waste, less hassle. Sustainability was our MO from the get-go. Our aim was not just to comply with environmental industry standards but to influence them. We wanted to create a people-powered decorating movement and to change the global interiors industry's environmental impact for the better. 

It all seemed a bit far-fetched at the time, but we had to start somewhere. We launched with our range of stick and peel paint samples, the first of their kind in the market, and low VOC paints. Our stick and peel samples weren't just more environmentally friendly; you could choose your paint palettes without leaving or making a mess of your house. Ideal during what was the beginning of lockdown. Similarly, our paints are water-based and low VOC, meaning a more biodegradable end product and no pungent smells. Again, helpful when you're stuck at home.



How it's going

We've made some friends along the way. Our online community of interior lovers has gone from zero to almost 150,000 across our platforms, and we've managed to collaborate with some fantastic creatives. There's nothing that we love more than seeing your transformations. That's why we've launched several social channels, including our 'Decorating Diaries' as well as our blog, In Good Taste, answering all your 'How To?' questions and delivering daily interior inspiration.

We've also launched a whole load of new products. In the paint department, you asked, and we listened. The result was a range of eggshell paint for steamy bathrooms and easy-wipe kitchens. We also launched a collection of easy to hang, FSC certified wallpapers (ensuring they are sustainably sourced from forests around Europe), so they hang about on your walls and not the planet. Working with some of the most talented artists, our wallpaper designs are created in small batches, to avoid waste – we even use excess cut-offs in the packing process, so nothing goes to waste. Not one to leave it there, we launched our range of easy to fit blinds that can be perfectly matched to your paint.