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Northcote 65 - Our Flagship Northcote Road Store Paint

Lick Northcote 65 paint tin

WordsMegan Lambert


To celebrate the opening of our Northcote Road store, we’ve designed a bespoke paint color: Northcote 65. Inspired by our local Clapham community’s warm and welcoming spirit, this muted, dusky pink pays homage to some of the area’s most iconic architecture. Read on to learn about what inspired us to create this bespoke Lick shade.

What was the inspiration for Northcote 65?

When it came to creating a bespoke color for our store, we took inspiration from Northcote Road’s thriving community and its local architecture. Not only is pink one of Clapham and Battersea’s best-selling paint colors, but from Battersea Power Station to the Arding & Hobbs department store, the area boasts a number of iconic buildings that are some of London’s best examples of Art Deco architecture. In fact, the soft pink pastel shades used in the control room of Battersea Power Station played their part in influencing Northcote 65.

Lick Northcote 65 Pink paint colour

The color psychology behind Northcote 65

This bespoke shade was developed to reflect our local community's warm and welcoming spirit and to bring a sense of comfort into your home. Thanks to color psychology, we know that different colors affect us in different ways. “Pink is one of those colours that will instantly make your shoulders drop and help you feel more relaxed”, says Tash, our Director of Interior Design. The colour of cuddles, it's friendly, approachable, and instantly comforting. The perfect colour to welcome people into our store with open arms.

Pink is one of those colours that will instantly make your shoulders drop and help you feel more relaxed.

From fuschias to chalky clays, pink is a colour stemming from nature. When it came to developing the perfect pink for our store, we wanted to create a soothing shade that combined blush and earth tones. Enter: Northcote 65. A warm, earthy pink with grounding grey undertones, this bespoke color is guaranteed to help you to unwind.

Lick Northcote 65 paint tin
Lick Store Northcote 65 interior paint sample on a wall

How can I buy Northcote 65?

Northcote 65 is available to buy exclusively at our Northcote Road Store. So what better excuse to pop in, grab a cup of tea, and try it out for yourself at our testing area?