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Take a tour of Mary Charteris’ fabulously colorful West London home

Lady Mary Charteris west London home painted in Lick paint

WordsMegan Lambert


Musician, DJ, model, and girl-about-town—there are few things that Mary Charteris can’t do. She’s an established style icon in the fashion world, but when it came to decorating her first home, she admits “I had no idea where to start”. Describing how she always grew up in houses that “were very white and beige”; “I knew that when I had my own house I wanted to inject a bit more colour into it. That’s where Tash came in!”. 

Teaming up with Tash, our Director of Interior Design, Mary transformed her home to reflect her bold personal style and love of ‘clashing’ color choices. So, buckle up for a tour of her fabulously colorful and stylish West London home (and take a sneak peek of her epic shoe and bag collection).

Mary’s dreamy Blue 01 and Teal 01 bedroom 

“I wasn’t sure I wanted a really intense color in my bedroom,” Mary explains. “I wanted it to feel calm with a softness to it”. According to Tash, Blue 01 is the most mentally soothing color in our paint collection. For the fabrics and furnishings, Mary’s gone for gentle pink linens and a dreamy, draped four-poster bed which creates a totally whimsical feel.

“There’s a balance between creating something you can live in every day and something that has your signature on it”. This bedroom does just that. The soothing Blue 01 on the walls gives the space an overall calming, restful feel. And then, when you least expect it, there’s a bold pop of purple on the floorboards, whilst Teal 01 adds depth to those diamond rattan built-in closets.