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Shy tech: 5 clever hidden tv ideas

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WordsMegan Lambert


With a shift towards simpler living, having all your tech on display is no longer considered a desirable decor choice. However, we’re not ready to go off-grid and do away with them altogether. Enter, shy tech. A way to disguise all those screens, blinking lights, and technical distractions just out of sight, yet still close to hand.

Shy tech enables you to connect to technology in a positive way. It means you can control when and how you use it, rather than it controlling you.

Tash Bradley, Lick Director of Interior Design

So, whilst we like a bit of Netflix now and again, we don’t like to feel as though our television dominates our decor. That’s why we’re sharing these 5 clever hidden TV ideas for you to try at home.

Hidden tv idea: built-in storage

In the living room, there are few things more stylish than floor-to-ceiling built-in shelving. Not only does this bespoke solution answer all your storage needs, but it also creates a really grown-up feel. And it’s not as expensive as you might think. This Billy bookcase IKEA hack set @ahousebuiltoncheese just short of £600. If you want to be able to shut your television away completely, include folding cupboards that you can close when you’re done watching. Alternatively, if you’ve got a TV in your bedroom, you could hide it away in built-in wardrobes.

Image credit: Pop Sugar via Emily Henderson
Image credit: Pop Sugar via Emily Henderson

Hidden tv idea: a gallery wall 

This solution doesn’t make your television completely disappear, but it will prevent it from dominating a wall or room. Imagine the tv is one big painting and create a gallery wall around it, strategically placing your favorite art, prints and posters around it, the same as you would with any other frame. It doesn’t completely hide it, but it will mask the effect of a big, black square on an otherwise blank wall. Take a look at these 10 gallery wall ideas for some inspiration.