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How to style a spa-like bathroom sanctuary in your home

Spa-like bathroom painted in Lick White paint

WordsAbbi Henderson


Since much of the past two years has seen us house-bound and searching for ways to replicate our favourite luxurious surroundings within our walls, it’s really no surprise that spa-inspired bathrooms are topping interior trend charts as a consequence.

And, what’s not to love about having a spa-style bathroom at home? For starters, relaxing surroundings can help us to better manage – and reduce – feelings of stress and anxiety. Then, there’s the fact that spa-inspired design schemes tend to be totally timeless, so whilst it may not be in your nature to hop on a trending interior aesthetic, this particular one has the bones of a look that’ll feel sleek and stylish for years to come.

So read on to learn exactly how you can recreate a spa-style bathroom in your own home. And, as if you needed another excuse: consider how much you’ll save by booking a self-care appointment in your own suite as opposed to an actual spa…

Opt for a neutral color palette

The foundation of a spa-inspired bathroom scheme is the color palette. Neutral hues and those found in nature (think: graphite, sand, stone, and ecru) create a space that’s calming and grounding, and encourages ease of mind. We recommend our White 04Beige 03, or Greige 02 for your spa-like bathroom walls.

Mood lighting is a must

Harsh lighting may be helpful for applying concealer and cleaning the toilet pan, but it’s going to do nothing in the way of facilitating a serene atmosphere in your bathroom. Instead, consider dimmable lighting options, so you can soften the light to suit the aesthetic or, if that’s not achievable, opt for candles to create a warm and calming glow whilst keeping the main light source off.

Candles in spa-like bathroom

Pay attention to texture

A key element of spa-inspired bathroom schemes is texture – it adds dimension, and keeps pared-back interiors from feeling clinical. Natural textures, such as wood, marble, stone, rattan, and cotton are ideal for replicating the spa look, since they’re associated with the tranquility, homeliness, and slow-paced nature of, well, nature. Consider incorporating wooden furnishings or panelling into your design, along with marble, slate, or stone tiles, and finish the look with plush, fluffy cotton towels.