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Introducing Tash Bradley: Lick's Director of Interior Design

Lick's Director of Interior Design Tash Bradley

WordsFrankie Marqueé


Meet Tash Bradley. Lick’s bubbly and vivacious Director of Interior Design, it’s her mission to help you better understand color, the way it can influence our everyday lives, and the spaces we call home.

Tash spent her working life in the creative industry; first as a professional artist, and then in the world of marketing. In the last 10 years, she has specialized in color and interior design, working alongside her mother in property development and home decoration, as well as studying interior design at the University of Arts London. More recently, Tash completed a degree at Advanced Color Methods for Industry Professionals in applied Psychology of Color.

Think of me as your decorating friend.

Tash Bradley
Tash Bradley smiling and sitting on a sofa

As Director of Interior Design, Tash describes her role as having three pillars: “color consultancy, product development, and content creation. My goal with all of these is to help you create your dream home. Think of me as your decorating friend. We will do it together. We will get you there”. Whether through live Q&A’s, webinars, how-to videos, or color theory lessons.

Not only is she the chief curator of the Lick color palette and wallpaper collection, but to date, Tash has carried out over 1000 color consultancies for clients across the UK, EU and US, giving them the confidence they need to transform their homes.

Tash Bradley and Yinka Ilori painting
Tash and Yinka Ilori developing colours