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The best color palettes for a minimalist bedroom

Minimalist bedroom with linen curtains

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Sometimes in life, it's best to keep things simple. Whether in one room or your entire house, a minimalist color palette will promote a sense of calm in whichever space you choose to use it. In an ideal world, our bedrooms are something of a sanctuary; a place to retreat to at the end of the day that promotes restfulness and a peaceful night's sleep—all by embracing nature, tonal colors, and layered textiles. But which color palette should you choose?  Without further ado, here are some of our favourite color palettes for a minimalist bedroom. Starting with Japandi style.

Minimalist bedroom color palette: Japandi

Firstly, what is Japandi style? A harmonious blend of rugged Scandi minimalism and the Japanese concept of 'wabi-sabi', Japandi style is one of those decor trends that requires a fair amount of thought to make it look effortless. But it's worth it, we promise. The trick? It's all about minimalism. Keeping things simple whilst embracing imperfection. Japandi style is all about earthy, natural paint colors, not just whites and greys (check out our grey paint colors). Think Beige 02 and Beige 03 with Greige 01 and White 02. Combined, these create a soothing, tranquil feel. Something we all need a bit more of in our bedrooms. Check out everything you need to know about grey beige paint and shop our beige wall and furniture paint or our greige wall and furniture paint.

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Japandi neutral colour palette in Lick paint

Minimalist bedroom color palette: Scandi

More industrial and less earthy than its Japanese counterpart, Scandi interior style still has a lot in common with the Japandi decor trend. Its focus is on natural materials: the use of woods and plants combined with metals, though done to a more contemporary finish. One for the minimalist who wants a low-key color palette accented by finishes and furnishings. If you're going to use a Scandi color palette in your bedroom, try one of our white paints, such as White 01 with White 03, paired with the blue-sky inspired Blue 01 and a neutral, grounding Greige 01.

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Scandi neutral colour palette in Lick paint