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The best floral wallpapers for a bedroom

Bedroom decorated in lick Bloombastic 01 wallpaper

WordsMaha Elley


Wondering what to do with your bedroom walls? Make things a little more interesting by adding wallpaper to the mix. Even if you just paper one of the walls, wallpaper is an easy way to inject style into your space without a huge amount of effort. 

Choosing a wallpaper design for your bedroom may feel overwhelming with so much choice out there, but we’ve got a soft spot for floral wallpapers for bedrooms. They add that much needed cozy factor and often come in soothing color palettes. 

Want some inspo? Discover the best floral wallpapers for a bedroom from our range of designs.

Floral wallpapers for a bedroom: feminine

Think floral wallpapers and one of the first words that comes to mind is likely ‘feminine’. Although modern floral wallpapers are so much more than that, a classic feminine floral wallpaper looks lovely in a bedroom. 

We’re loving the dainty pink blooms on Petals 01 and the bubble-gum pink and red tones of Clover 02. Pick these styles of paper if you’re looking to create a bedroom space that’s cheerful, nurturing, and joyfully feminine.

Moodboard using Petals 01 wallpaper design, Lick paint samples and interior accessories
Hallway decorated in Clover 02

Floral wallpapers for a bedroom: Maximalist

Looking for a backdrop that’s on the bolder side? Opt for a botanical wallpaper that’s bursting with blooms, such as dark and moody Bloomtastic 01 or the wonderfully whimsical Mars Meadow 01

This maximalist decor style of wallpaper works well for statement walls in bedrooms. 

Bedroom decorated in lick Bloombastic 01 wallpaper
Lick Mars Meadow 01 wallpaper in bedroom

Floral wallpapers for a bedroom: natural

One of the hottest wallpaper trends of 2022 is welcoming the outdoors in through biophilia. Bring those nature vibes into your bedroom with your choice of floral or botanical wallpaper. We think Electric Poppies 02 and Village Cricket 01 are the perfect papers to nail this trend. And hey, who doesn’t want to wake up surrounded by nature?