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Take a tour of this magpie’s retreat in Margate: The Tides

Tides Margate Boutique Hotel

WordsMegan Lambert


When Zoe Lower and her boyfriend Titus moved to Margate back in 2020, no one could have predicted what the upcoming years would have in store. Inspired by their own travels around the world, they spent most of lockdown transforming a six-bedroom townhouse into a colorful haven for the global gallivant. Each room will take you on a journey across the world, from Japan to Morocco.

If Zoe’s glittering transformations at The Mermaid Cave (the travelling business she founded back in 2015) were anything to go by, it was apparent from the start that The Tides, Margate was going to be a saturated success story. From reupholstering their own furniture to creating their own art, their seafront guesthouse and shoot location is a love letter to the repurposed, second-hand, and vintage.

We sat down with Zoe to talk about all things eco-friendly decorating, going bold with contrasting colors, and DIY corner-cutting.

We love how each of the rooms takes you on a tour around the world. What was the inspiration behind each of the designs? 

It was actually my boyfriend, Titus’ idea to do themed rooms. Each of the rooms are inspired by places we’d been on our travels.

My boyfriend Titus has spent quite a bit of time in Japan, so that’s where that came from. As the Japan room was initially our bedroom, he wanted it to be restful and have a monotone color scheme, hence the black and white (with a bit of gold thrown in too). I’m obsessed with the kimono hanging above the bed in there too. Honestly, I’d grab Onyx (the cat) and that in a fire.

The Japan Room

Tides Margate Boutique Hotel
Tides Margate Boutique Hotel
Tides Margate Boutique Hotel

The vision for the Moroccan room was to create a dilapidated palace feel. Once I found the rugs it sort of took on a psychedelic sixties twist. Our only real extravagance was the rugs in the Moroccan room: they’re art for the floor! We’ve tried to buy as much as possible, locally, but you’ve got to have Moroccan rugs from Morocco. We got them on Etsy (which is a carbon-neutral company) and they’re also vintage, which makes me feel slightly better about it.

The Morocco Room

Tides Margate Boutique Hotel