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Introducing: Lick x Kelly Hoppen neutral paint collection

Paint colours from the Lick x Kelly Hoppen Timeless Neutrals paint collection

WordsFrankie Marqueé


The thing about neutrals is that people think they’re nothing, but they’re everything.

Kelly Hoppen

From warm taupes to grounding greys, a neutral color palette has become the global trademark of British interior designer Kelly Hoppen CBE. So who better to collaborate with on our brand new, six-strong collection of neutral paint colors? 

What is a neutral?

Neutrals has become a term thrown around pretty loosely with the rise of the ‘new neutrals’ – soft, earthy, whisper-soft colors spanning beige-toned pinks and grey-tinted greens. But in Kelly Hoppen’s book, neutrals are the classic tones of cream, brand, beige, white, black, and her personal favourite: grey. Grey is what she calls a ‘neutraliser’, which helps to bring a room back down to earth. 

Ultimately, neutrals are the color family that provides a practical and harmonious backdrop to how you live your life.

“The thing about neutrals is that people think they’re nothing, but they’re everything,” says Kelly (get to know her better in our exclusive Q&A with Kelly Hoppen CBE here).

Why are these the perfect neutrals?

The Lick x Timeless Neutrals Paint collection by Kelly Hoppen set out to be a versatile group of six shades that would, in Kelly’s words, “Add something to everything”. 

Within the palette, Kelly specifically wanted to blend three hero greys that wouldn’t be too green, too blue, too black or too yellow, but just right. Whether one of those greys or a muted beige, all six colors will add understated warmth to your space. Not only that, they’ll open it up so that any room radiates with a serene sense of light and space.

“You can have as little or as much of them in your home as you want,” she adds. “But also remember that colors enhance neutrals and neutrals enhance colors. So if you love color, choosing neutrals throughout your home can actually enhance other colors and bring them to life.”

How would you describe the neutral color palette in short?

Tash, our Lead Color Specialist, describes the palette as sophisticated and grounding. All six colors are elegant, but also entirely reliable. They're truly colors that won't let you down. Put any of them in a room together and expect to feel supported.

Lick x Kelly Hoppen sample box scene

Why do you think decorators will love this palette?

More than anything, Kelly expects the characteristic that decorators will appreciate most is just how easy the palette is to work with. Whether you’re looking to pair it with more colorful tones or rich textures, it’ll be a breeze. Read our guide on how to easily style these neutral paint colors in your home.

Our ethos is making decorating simple. Hopefully this palette will give you the confidence to use any of the colors in your home and to eliminate the choice paralysis we get when choosing schemes for our homes.

What’s the color psychology behind this palette?

The shared color psychology across the palette is one of comfort, stability and quietening down the noise so many of us feel in our lives. Tash suggests the greys as a great safety color, whether it’s Grey 09cool grey paint Grey 10 or any of the colors with a cocooning grey undertone like Beige 05.

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